An Actionable Approach to Decentralized Clinical Trials to Grow Enrollment and Retention

By Symphony Clinical Research
Published: June 2019

Clinical research is evolving as regulatory entities push for innovative solutions to reduce the cost and time to bring a drug to market. This has led to putting the patient’s best interest and comfort at the center of the trial design, creating decentralized clinical trials, virtual trials and other direct-to-patient models. This whitepaper explores mobile nursing as a vital component of patient-centric trial designs and addresses potential barriers to successful integration.

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As a pioneer in decentralized clinical trials, Symphony Clinical Research provides innovative solutions throughout the world, helping bring drugs to market more quickly. Symphony integrates clinical trial expertise with project management and in-home care to bring the site visit to patients wherever they live, study, work or vacation across the globe. Using mobile nursing, site staffing and other services, Symphony Clinical Research makes clinical research convenient for participants, which accelerates enrollment, increases retention and enhances satisfaction. For more information, visit Symphony at