California Clinical Trials Medical Group, Inc.

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California Clinical Trials Medical Group, Inc.
1560 East Chevy Chase Dr., Suite 140
Glendale, CA 91206-4007

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California Clinical Trials Medical Group (CCTMG) was founded in 1986. CCTMG is a full-time, dedicated Phase I-IV investigative site adhering to FDA regulations and GCP.

Our medical facility is specially-designed to suit the unique needs of clinical research. CCTMG’s well-trained staff conducts outpatient research studies on-site and inpatient studies at local Healthy Normal Volunteers

  • FiH in hospital campus
  • Complex studies (adaptive design, from procedures to methodology)
  • Long in-patient stays 30 plus days CNS
  • Scientific affairs consultancy support
  • Biomarkers, including continuous CSF, sleep (6 PSG rooms), EEGs, and imaging (2 3T MRIs)
Ethnobridging Studies
  • 1st generation Japanese, Korean and Chinese volunteers
  • Native speaking teams
  • Culture sensitive environments
Combination/Adaptive Design
  • Patient Arm
  • Late Phase

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Located on medical campus

Access to on-site hospital services including emergency room and physician specialists
  • 70+ beds
  • Unit designed for longer in-house stays
  • Rooms range from:
  • 2-3 beds/room
  • 3-4 beds/room

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