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Therapeutic Areas

Cardiology/Vascular Diseases
Family Medicine
Healthy Volunteers
Infections and Infectious Diseases
Internal Medicine
Nutrition and Weight Loss
Obstetrics/Gynecology (Women’s Health)
Orthopedics/Orthopedic Surgery
Rare Diseases and Disorders

Performance Metrics

Number of Studies Conducted: 100+
Number of Active Patients in the Database: 5000+
Average Number of Total Patients Enrolled: 15
Average Percent of Total Patients Randomized: 90%
Average Percent of ‘Completed’ Studies that met Enrollment Goals: 95%
EDC Capabilities: Yes


Physicians Research Group (PRG) is an international multi-specialty research management organization founded in 2014 and headquartered in Tempe, AZ USA. Since our inception PRG has conducted over 100 clinical trials for various medical indications. Our proven model has allowed PRG to grow exponentially year after year. to We now have 75 active, board-certified physicians in various specialty areas all holding previous research experience.

PRG has developed partnerships with four hospitals, three ambulatory surgical centers, and a skilled nursing facility, enabling us to provide various expert services to pharmaceutical/device companies and Contract Research Organizations. In addition, we have international partnerships with multiple sites in Colombia and New Zealand.


PRG has experience in conducting all phases of clinical research from phase I healthy and proof-of-concept trials to Phase IV trials in the following therapeutic specialties: Cardiology, Dermatology, Fertility, Gastroenterology, Internal Medicine, Interventional Radiology, Neurology, Orthopedics, Pain Management, Podiatry, Psychiatry, and Women’s Health.

PRG’s unique ability to conduct both inpatient and outpatient clinical trials at various facilities and hospitals, we are able to participate in complex surgical and non-surgical trials.

PRG’s unique ability to conduct both inpatient and outpatient clinical trials at various facilities and hospitals, we are able to participate in complex surgical and non-surgical trials.


PRG’s headquarters are located in Tempe, Arizona USA in a 12,500 square foot facility in Arizona State Universities research campus. Our facility houses an on-site lab, fertility clinic, vascular clinic and an ambulatory surgical center.

Internationally, PRG has three offices located in New Zealand. These offices are located in the cities of Hawk’s Bay, Tauranga, and Wellington. PRG’s offices in Colombia are located in Cali, Medellin, and Bogota.


PRG believes in providing clinical research opportunities to all physicians interested and invests in the training and education of new investigators and centers. Depending on the therapeutic specialty our physicians range from having over 30 years of clinical and research experience to just two years of clinical and research experience.


At PRG, all staff involved with a clinical trial go through a rigorous training program which includes GCP/ICH certification, NIH PI/Sub-I training, review of our Standard Operating Procedures, IATA certification (shipping and handling of dangerous goods), Basic Life Support including CPR and AED use, and phlebotomy training on pediatric, adolescent, and adult patients.


Patient recruitment is accomplished using multiple approaches tailored to the needs for each clinical trial. PRG utilizes its own patient data base via a clinical trial management software (CTMS) system. Additionally, PRG has access to practice Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems. With these tools, PRG has the ability to search ICD-10 codes of over 750,000 patients in various specialty areas.

Patient recruitment relies on engaged physicians who ensure patients have access to information on the trial. PRG utilize print advertising as well as structured Google Ad Words and Facebook advertising to inform patients of the trials we are conducting. All study specific advertising is approved by an Institutional Review Board (IRB).


PRG is proud to offer a standard rapid startup program which allows completion all initial regulatory, contract and budget items within seven business days.

PRG and its partnered facilities are able to use any sponsor-approved central institutional review board. This includes the hospitals and ambulatory surgical centers in our network.

PRG’s international sites are also able to use any sponsor-approved central institutional review board.

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