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Gualberto Perez, MD 
GCP-Global Clinical Professionals LLC
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Saint Petersburg, FL 33702
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Currently Enrolling Trials

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Therapeutic Areas

Cardiology/Vascular Diseases
Family Medicine
Healthy Volunteers
Hepatology (Liver, Pancreatic, Gall Bladder)
Infections and Infectious Diseases
Internal Medicine
Nutrition and Weight Loss
Obstetrics/Gynecology (Women’s Health)
Plastic Surgery
Pulmonary/Respiratory Diseases


"Quality Research One Subject at A Time"

GCP-Global Clinical Research Professionals LLC and our TEAM of research dedicated staff has been intricately involved in clinical research trials since 1991. GCP understands from experience that a heightened level of awareness through training and attention to detail are key factors required to make the clinical study process a true success, which we tailor to make each trial a success from start to finish in the most optimal possible time without compromising safety. Our prompt and clear lines of communication, comprehensive understanding of research and Good Clinical Practices continue to be the foundation of our day to day operations.

  • GCP maintains its competitive advantage by being strategically positioned and maintaining active membership with all major associations within our industry.
  • Our Research GCP TEAM is passionately involved in the pursuit of your success; hence our well established and proven processes and systems of checks and balances that are instrumental in optimizing your success.
  • Our SOP'S are dynamic and meticulously designed and planned with schedules of review and revisions in addition to key metric tools to guarantee their prompt and practical implementation.
  • GCP’s unified Global presence has the ability to conduct your trials domestically or globally. We have over 20 highly skilled and well qualified Clinical Research Professionals around the Globe that will assist us in conducting trials that require a diversification of populations and that will deliver as major RESCUE SITES in the more challenging subject/patient populations.
  • GCP can conduct phase I-IV clinical trials in all of Latin America with expedited clinical trial set up times that are unsurpassed in the industry.

Our capacity to excel in conducting some of the most demanding and logistically challenging clinical research trials is based on our proven track record, positive experience, training, education and passion from our committed TEAM of investigators and clinical research staff.


GCP-Clinical Research Professionals LLC, and its staff of highly qualified clinical researchers has been successfully conducting clinical trials in all phases of research and in a vast gamma of therapeutic modalities both at the pharmaceutical and device level for over 20 years. GCP Research, Staff and Investigators have a robust successful track record of performing phase I-IV clinical trials some of the most demanding subject populations in the following diseased populations:

  • Pediatrics
  • Nephrology
  • Hepatic Impaired
  • Diabetes type I and II
  • Actinic Keratosis
  • Woman’s Health
  • Geriatrics
  • Postmenopausal
  • Psoriasis
  • Hypertension
  • BPH
  • Endocrinology--Hypo gonadal
  • Normal Healthy Males and Females for PK and PD trials

For additional information please contact us.

Main: 727-520-1427

Fax: 727-520-9427



Clinical Facility and Capabilities:

GCP is a state-of-the-art research facility designed as a dedicated research site

  • Full time research dedicated board certified Medical Director 
  • A robust pool of board-certified physician investigators covering the major medical practice specialties
  • Recruitment department
  • Capability to Conduct Phase I and PK trials off site both domestically as well as internationally,
  • Licensed psychologist
  • Secure Medical Record room
  • Secured Investigational Drug Storage (double locked, humidity and temperature-controlled)
  • Contracted Diagnostic Laboratory both Local and Central
  • Contract Agreements with Multiple Diagnostic Centers within the building and in the Community
  • Freezers -2-8 ºC; -20ºC, and -70 ºC
  • Temperature and Humidity Monitoring via strict SOP'S
  • Refrigeration equipment and dry ice
  • Heart Station, including EKG Machines, Echo-ECG, Holter Monitoring, and Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring
  • Radiology Studies can be conducted on or off premises within minutes
  • Spacious Monitoring room with Office capabilities
  • Laboratory with phlebotomy and on-site processing with specific SOP'S
  • Pharmacokinetic and pharmocodymanic studies
  • Psychometric Testing and VAS Scales
  • Pulse Oximeter
  • IATA Certified Staff
  • Alcohol breathalyzer capabilities 

GCP-Global Clinical Professionals is advantageously located for the convenience of our patients/subjects, clients/sponsors as well as our own staff. Located in the heart of the St. Petersburg gateway area we are easily convenient to Tampa, St. Petersburg, Clearwater and nearby areas due to access to I-275 and US 19. we are within 15 minutes to the south of us to downtown St. Petersburg, while to the north of us is Downtown Tampa.


GCP-Global Clinical Research Professionals LLC, and our Network of highly trained and distinguished medical experts along with their human touch and dedication to the health sciences is the key to your success. This level of professionalism, adherence to the highest ethical standards and immaculate work etiquette gives assurance to our clients and sponsors that their subjects are assessed by the very best in the medical field. You can rely on our staff’s in-depth understanding of the regulations and finer points needed to appropriately conduct clinical trials.

Medical Research Director: Principal Investigator

Edgar A. Marin, M.D, is an Emergency Medicine Specialist in Sunrise, Florida. He graduated with honors in 1991. Having more than 27 years of diverse experiences, especially in EMERGENCY MEDICINE, Dr. Edgar Marin affiliates with Homestead Hospital, and cooperates with other doctors and specialists. Dr. Marin has 12 years of Clinical research experience to offer.

Principal Investigator:

Gualberto Perez, M.D, LCLT, CCRC, CPI

Roxana Stoici, M.D.

Edgar Marin , M.D.

From a Global Perspective

GCP has licensed physicians experienced in the conduct of clinical trials in some of the key spots of Latin America. Below are just a few of our recognized principal investigators and of course our list is growing at a controlled pace.

Rafael Alberto Roca Vides M.D.

Juan Jose Acosta M.D

Farid Cesin M.D. OB/GYN

Reynaldo Perez M.D. General Practitioner

Gualberto Perez M.D. General Practitioner

Anibal Manzano Ocampo M.D. Ophthalmologist

Jaime Gutierrez M.D. Hospital Administration

Ricardo Manzur Ayala M.D. Plastic Surgery

Jose Gregorio Urbina Daza DDS Maxillofacial Surgery

Gina Patricia Pautt Arrieta DDS General and Cosmetic


  • Our Staff has been directly involved in FDA, EMEA, Sponsor/Client, IRB, Health Department Audits, Internal Audits, staff training. Staff brings forth a vast amount of applicable knowledge to Research GCP.
  • We achieve quality results with rigorous standard operating procedures and policies, the synergy of our qualified staff.
  • Our research staff has been involved in clinical pharmaceutical investigations for over 20 years. With hands-on active participation in over 1000 clinical trials, we have the practical sense and foresight to effectively execute any major trial in a pristine regulated fashion
  • Experienced Clinical Research Coordinators, Certified Principal Investigators, Research nurses and Physician Assistants.


GCP-Global Clinical Professionals LLC is well aware of the need to diversify our subject database in order to comply with the demands of what our cultural, genetic and geographic conditions can do to PK and PD parameters during a clinical trial.

With over 2 million potential subjects in the Tampa Bay area, GCP has an impressive subject population to pull from.

  • Database with over 50,000 potential volunteers.

We strive in multiple outreach methods

  • physician referrals
  • internal recruitment tools
  • Social media
  • Advertisements (English & Spanish)
  • Magazines/Newspaper
  • Community outreach (Health fairs)
  • Emails & text

All of our methods require prior approval by the IRB.


Contact Us:

7005 4th Street North-Suite #1
Saint Petersburg, Fl. 33702
Phone: 727-520-1427 (1-GCP)


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