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Jean Brown Research

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Jean Brown Research
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Therapeutic Areas

Dental and Oral Health
Family Medicine
Nutrition and Weight Loss
Obstetrics/Gynecology (Women’s Health)
Orthopedics/Orthopedic Surgery
Otolaryngology (Ear, Nose, Throat)
Plastic Surgery


Jean Brown Research had conducted clinical trials for over 15 years and has developed unique methods for drug efficacy assessment. A pioneer in clinical research, Jean Brown Research continues to lead in phase one through four studies.

This methodology results in sophisticated data that pharmaceutical sponsors require to secure FDA approval. Small differences in efficacy can be detected rendering our study results more granular and valuable than from SMOs that haven't the sophisticated techniques used by JBR.We have worked with all of the major pharma sponsors in the world and continue to play an important role in the development of new medications.

Located in Salt Lake City, we have a two facilities. Our main office houses overnight facilities to accommodate 25 patients with 24 hour nursing care and efficacy monitoring. We have full exam rooms, surgical suites and the latest in medical technology to confidently conduct your study.

Our satellite office handles our vaccine studies and can process up to 50 patients per day, from exam by doctor or nurse practitioner to screening and randomization to initial dosage.

If you are searching for a CRO to conduct your phase 1 through 4 study, please contact use today to ensure you get the most reliable and sophisticated results.


We have extensive, 26 year trail experience in pain management protocols, vaccine testing, and various other studies. These include:

  • Pain and general medicine
  • Safety, efficacy and PK
  • Cross-over, parallel and open label
  • Dose ranging, stratified and factorial
  • Post-op, chronic and neuropathic

Jean Brown Research has worked with Novartis, Innocoll, SCOLR, Merck, Pfizer

JBR has developed extensive expertise in post wisdom teeth extraction pain management, with a waiting list of over 2,000 patients to participate in studies.

JBR has proven experience in vaccine trails for children, adults and seniors providing unparalleled data to the sponsor.


Jean Brown Research has two facilities in Salt Lake City. A 22 bed overnight stay facility, including 24 hour staff nursing station and on call physicians, and a free standing clinic for vaccine studies and follow up trial exams.

We provide state of the art oral surgery suites with digital X-ray and other diagnostic equipment to accommodate wisdom teeth extraction studies.

Our vaccine study clinic houses a laboratory and exam rooms staffed by clinically trained nurses and nurse practitioners.

We have developed an extensive network of clinics and doctors' offices that partner with us in conducting studies, giving us unrivaled study capabilities

Over the years, we’ve worked with about 60 physicians, giving us a large pool of patients to draw from for the indications we work in. For wisdom teeth, we have oral surgeons that we contract with, and they have been with us for more than 20 years. We’re well-known in the community, which helps us to attract physicians to come work with us and to recruit patients. The physicians we work with have that same attention to quality.


For 26 years Jean Brown Research has conducted phase 1 through 4 studies in a variety of areas. We do post-surgical clinical trials, mainly in the areas of wisdom teeth and bunionectomies. Vaccines is a very strong area for us. We also work in obesity, women’s health and are expanding in ophthalmology, cardiology and some areas of mental health. We’ve also worked in six hospitals with our staff conducting in-hospital trials.

We train our our staff on interaction with patients to gain accurate and detailed study results. Using proprietary training and methods, we can produce study details unlike other research organizations. Our results are detailed and show the nuanced efficacy that give the sponsor invaluable data and insight.


The Salt Lake City area population is diverse and unusual in that there are large families of white, Hispanic and Polynesian origin. Utah boasts one of the youngest populations with a median age of 29, a full ten years below the national median age. These groups are ideal for trials that can be used nationwide as they provide a good representation of the USA as a whole. The population is well education and understand the social benefit of participating in clinical trials.


We us both a central IRB or our own, depending on the requirements of the study sponsor.

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