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Business Development Team
Ancilla Services, LLC
3100 Duraleigh Road, Ste 304
Raleigh, NC 27612

Company Overview

Ancilla Services, LLC provides business development services to independent research sites. We represent experienced investigators with active sites conducting Phase I-IV clinical trials. Ancilla Services’s purpose is to connect our partner investigators to clinical research trials that most accurately meet the site’s patient population and research capabilities. In turn, we are also able to provide pharmaceutical sponsors and CROs a vast selection of highly qualified investigators with experienced staff who successfully complete clinical trials, often exceeding start-up timelines and enrollment goals.

We represent multi-therapeutic site which have experience conducting out-patient and in-patient trials. We also represent several Phase I units which conduct trials in healthy volunteers populations as well as special patient populations.

When working with Ancilla Services, there are no sponsor / CRO fees involved with placing a trial at any site we represent. Our purpose is to connect sponsors and/or CROs with investigators who are best able to conduct each specific clinical trial. Ancilla Services is only active in the initial site selection process. Once a site is awarded a study, sponsors and CRO’s have direct contact with each site at all times.

Most investigators we represent maintain large private or group practices associated with their research centers. Enrollment goals are met primarily through recruitment of private practice patients. Each investigator has a history of meeting and/or exceeding enrollment goals while maintaining quality data.

Each site has experienced, dedicated, full-time research personnel and actively involved investigators. Additional site attributes include:

  • Electronic data capture experience, including electronic diaries
  • Administration of rating scales for most types of trials
  • Rapid regulatory submission
  • Ability to use Central IRB for most trials, with the occasional exception of in-patient trials
  • Rapid contract and budget turnaround
  • Comfortable monitoring area
  • Accessibility to all required trial equipment, including freezers, ECG, centrifuge, as well as radiology and most other diagnostic procedures

Ancilla Services is actively looking to expand our geographic footprint, broaden our medical speciality offerings and create strategic alliances in the industry!

Member Centers

Ancilla represent sites in the following locations.

  • USA
    • Mobile, AL
    • Tucson, AZ
    • Anaheim, CA
    • San Diego, CA
    • Chino, CA
    • Cerritos, CA
    • Waterbury, CT
    • Austell, GA
    • Columbus, GA
    • Sandy Springs, GA
    • Savannah, GA
    • Wadsworth, OH
    • Pittsburgh, PA
    • Philadelphia, PA
    • Houston, TX
    • Fairfax, VA
    • Memphis, TN
    • Raleigh, NC
    • Dallas, TX
    • Chattanooga, TN

    Contact Information

    Business Development Team
    Ancilla Services, LLC
    3100 Duraleigh Road, Ste 304
    Raleigh, NC 27612

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