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CenterWatch Completes Mobile-Friendly Updates to Clinical Research News Section

Revamped CenterWatch News Online Brings Three-Phase Plan to Successful Finish

Boston, Mass., August 5, 2015CenterWatch, a leading provider of clinical trials information for professionals and patients, announced today that it has completed mobile-friendly updates to its clinical research news section, CenterWatch News Online.

The completed project marks continued online success for the organization in 2015, which was ranked one of the top 250 provisional domain winners for mobile SEO performance in the week following Google's new mobile update launch in late April. That preliminary analysis was released by Searchmetrics, a leading global provider of digital marketing software and services, which analyzed data before and after the update to measure visibility differences between mobile and desktop performance.

Early data from Searchmetrics showed that CenterWatch, which launched phase one of a three-phase rollout of its new responsive and mobile-friendly website on April 21, saw an initial 212% boost in mobile visibility since Google's new SEO algorithm designed to reward mobile-friendly web pages with higher search rankings went into effect.

Since then, CenterWatch has continued to roll out additional mobile-friendly pages before completing the conversion CenterWatch News Online prior to the target date of Aug. 7.

Mobile traffic has grown to encompass more than half of all Internet traffic; major search engines recognize the need for content to be mobile-friendly and tag results as such in mobile-based search engine result pages. The revamped CenterWatch News Online site uses a responsive design that provides an optimal viewing and interaction experience across all devices. The content is presented via a fluid grid concept that handles page element sizing to minimize the need for resizing, panning and scrolling on mobile devices.

"As industries-including the clinical trials industry-rely more heavily on technology for easy and timely access to information, it was critical for CenterWatch to complete all the mobile-friendly updates to the website," said Joan Chambers, COO of CenterWatch. "It's important to offer professionals the opportunity to read a variety of clinical trials news on CenterWatch News Online, via any device, to stay well informed. It's equally important that professionals and patients can access a suite of clinical trials resources, and information on the clinical trials industry, in a mobile-friendly manner."

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