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CenterWatch Ranked a Top Domain Winner Following Google’s Mobile SEO Update

Early data shows a more than 200% increase in mobile visibility of

Boston, Mass., April 29, 2015—CenterWatch, a leading provider of clinical trials information for professionals and patients, announced today it was ranked one of the top 250 provisional domain winners for mobile SEO performance in the week following Google’s new mobile update launch on April 21.

The preliminary analysis of winners and losers was released by Searchmetrics, a leading global provider of digital marketing software and services, which analyzed data before and after the update to measure visibility differences between mobile and desktop performance.

Early data from Searchmetrics shows CenterWatch, which launched phase one of a three-phase rollout of its new responsive and mobile-friendly website on April 21, has already seen a 212% boost in mobile visibility since Google’s new SEO algorithm designed to reward mobile-friendly web pages with higher search rankings went into effect.

Phase one of CenterWatch's mobile-friendly rollout included conversion of its Clinical Trial Listings Service(CTLS™)—the largest online listing of industry-funded clinical trials—which accounts for 60% of the site’s total traffic, and its drug information section, which includes listings of current and archival FDA drug approvals and clinical trial results, generating more than 20% of the overall site traffic. In the last year, CenterWatch has experienced a near 100% growth in mobile traffic accounting for more than 30% of all current visitors. Additionally, CenterWatch consistently ranks in the top five organic search results for several clinical trial and disease-related keywords and phrases.

"As one of the industry’s most trusted resources of clinical trials information, addressing this update helps our patient visitors find the critical information they need quickly and easily from any device,” said Joan Chambers, COO of CenterWatch. “It’s an equally critical update for the companies who post their trials on CenterWatch and rely, in part, on our strong search rankings and patient traffic to help drive their patient recruitment efforts."

CenterWatch will roll out additional mobile-friendly pages over the next several weeks and plans to complete the conversion with its clinical research news section, CenterWatch News Online, by Aug. 1, 2015.

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Since 1994, CenterWatch, has been the recognized global leader in providing clinical trials information to a broad and influential spectrum of clinical research professionals ranging from sponsors and CROs to research sites and niche providers. CenterWatch was the first company to provide online access to actively recruiting clinical trials to assist patients in finding volunteering opportunities and to help sponsors and clinical research investigators reach and recruit patients online. At present, CTLS™ has more than 1.8 million unique visitors annually. For more information, visit


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