Press Releases–2014

TrialReach and CenterWatch Partner to Offer Patients Access to the Largest Set of Resources in the Clinical Trials Industry

Boston, MA and London, UK – June 17, 2014—CenterWatch, a leading publisher of clinical trials information for patients and professionals, and TrialReach, the world's largest provider of clinical trials information, have joined forces to offer patients access to the largest set of clinical trials resources in the industry. All TrialReach users will now be able to access CenterWatch's online professional, educational and informative services and resources from news and analysis on the industry to trial listings seeking study volunteers from the Clinical Trials Listing Service (CTLS™). Additionally, CenterWatch's patient visitors will have access to TrialReach's database of more than 270,000 clinical trials.

"We share a mission with CenterWatch to make sure all patients get the clinical trial information and access they deserve," said Pablo Graiver, CEO of TrialReach. "It's a tragedy that most patients don't know that clinical trials are an option. Our content sharing agreement with CenterWatch means that together we will offer patients more options, digestible information and better access to clinical trials."

TrialReach is helping to solve one of the most substantial problems in clinical trials, making it easier for patients and researchers to connect with each other to develop new treatments and find cures. Today, one in five cancer trials fail to find a single participant and only three percent of adult patients participate in cancer research, simply because the majority of adult patients do not know clinical trials are an available treatment option.

"TrialReach and CenterWatch are both passionate about helping patients find and understand all their clinical trial options," said Joan Chambers, COO of CenterWatch. "Our patient-centric approach and our combined distribution network of health websites such as and WebMD means that more than 100 million patients will have access to vital information."

**About CenterWatch**

CenterWatch first launched the Clinical Trials Listing Service™ in 1994 to assist patients in finding and volunteering for clinical trials and to help sponsors and clinical research investigators reach and recruit patients online. Today, more than one million unique patients visit the CTLS™ annually. For more information about this service and other patient education resources, visit

**About TrialReach**

TrialReach is using technology to solve one of the biggest problems in clinical trials, helping patients and researchers connect. Our mission is to empower millions of people to participate in clinical trials across the world to develop new medical treatments and find cures faster. TrialReach was launched in 2010 and is based in the US and London, UK. For more information, visit