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CenterWatch Releases Special Report on Clinical Trial Development in Central and Eastern Europe

BOSTON, MA–October 15, 2008, CenterWatch, a global source for clinical trials information, today announced the release of its latest report, Central and Eastern Europe: Outsourcing Trends and Growth Opportunities in Clinical Trials. The report explores the evolution of this region that has seen its growth in the industry triple in the last five years, making it the largest area for global clinical trial initiations outside of North America and Western Europe.

With growth continuing to rise as areas farther east in the region start to launch new research studies, the report also focuses on the outsourcing strategies that CROs and emerging pharmaceutical and biotech companies need to operate there.

"Industry experience and expertise in some countries, such as Poland and The Czech Republic, rival the West's," explained Sara Gambrill, senior editor at CenterWatch and author of the report. "Russia and Ukraine, with their very large populations and increasing experience, offer enormous growth potential."

As clinical trial sponsors begin to acknowledge and evaluate the importance of the region and the access they have to quality data, patients and expert investigators, CEE is steadily moving away from its "last resort" status for drug development. "The key to the CEE region's success is its centralized healthcare systems that offer rapid patient enrollment," Gambrill added. "CROs in the region that know how to navigate the regulatory systems and have excellent local site management should be able to take advantage of the opportunity that the CEE region offers."

Since growth is not expected to slow in the foreseeable future, this resource is an essential guide for companies interested in doing business in the Central and Eastern Europe clinical trials market. Other key features include:

  • Market information on 25+ countries including: Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Russia, Turkey and Ukraine
  • EU directives and other European regulatory trends
  • Exclusive interviews with executives from the top CROs
  • Factors driving growth
  • Which companies are acquiring local CROs and why
  • The current drug development pipeline
  • A select list of CROs in the area
  • Original and proprietary CenterWatch charts and graphs

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