Abbott addresses pacemaker hacking fears

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

On August 23, 2017, the FDA approved a firmware update that is now available and is intended as a recall, specifically a corrective action, to reduce the risk of patient harm due to potential exploitation of cybersecurity vulnerabilities for certain Abbott (formerly St. Jude Medical) pacemakers. “Firmware” is a specific type of software embedded in the hardware of a medical device (e.g. a component in the pacemaker).

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Omeros responds to story

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Omeros stated that it continues to pursue legal action to hold responsible those behind a series of defamatory reports about the company posted online under the pseudonym “Art Doyle,” an entity or group that self-identifies as having a short position in Omeros’ stock. Because of its ongoing legal action, including a number of steps aimed at unmasking the identity of the individual(s) responsible, Omeros elected not to respond to queries from a writer for who evidently had early access to and commented through Twitter on the initial “Art Doyle” false report before it was broadly made public.

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FDA to enforcement oversight of stem cell therapies and regenerative medicine

Monday, August 28, 2017

One of the most promising new fields of science and medicine is the area of cell therapies and their use in regenerative medicine. These new technologies, most of which are in early stages of development, hold significant promise for transformative and potentially curative treatments for some of humanity’s most troubling and intractable maladies. Recent advances in our basic knowledge of the pathways involved in tissue damage and regeneration have combined with remarkable progress in adult stem cell biology to put us at a genuine inflection point in the history of medicine. The prospect of clinical tissue repair strategies is a tangible reality. This promise is reinforced by the strong commitment of the investment and scientific communities in exploring the potential applications across a wide range of vexing diseases and conditions, such as cancer, Parkinson’s disease, and diabetes among many others.

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Executives of Juno Therapeutics under investigation

Monday, August 14, 2017

Shareholder and consumer rights law firm Schubert Jonckheer & Kolbe LLP has launched an investigation into whether certain officers and directors of Juno Therapeutics breached their fiduciary duties to Juno and its shareholders by exposing Juno to civil liability for failing to disclose patient deaths in the phase II/ROCKET trial of its leading product candidate, JCAR015, during the period June 24, 2016, to November 22, 2016. 

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CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing appeal filed

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

CRISPR Therapeutics, Intellia Therapeutics, Caribou Biosciences and ERS Genomics announced that The Regents of the University of California, the University of Vienna and Dr. Emmanuelle Charpentier (collectively UC), co-owners of foundational intellectual property relating to CRISPR/Cas9 genome engineering, submitted an appellate brief to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit seeking reversal of a decision by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office’s Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) in an interference proceeding relating to CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing technology. In the appeal, UC requests reversal of the PTAB’s decision terminating the interference between certain CRISPR/Cas9 patent claims owned by UC and claims of the Broad Institute, Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (collectively, Broad).

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