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Be The Match BioTherapies launches cell therapy supply chain management platform

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Be The Match BioTherapies, an organization offering solutions for delivering autologous and allogeneic cellular therapies, announced the launch of a new, implementation-ready technology platform for cell and gene therapies in clinical development or poised for commercialization.

MatchSource is an ordering, tracking and delivery software for cell and gene therapies that was custom designed based on the software used by Be The Match BioTherapies’ parent company, the National Marrow Donor Program (NMDP)/Be The Match. NMDP/Be The Match has 30 years of experience managing more than 80,000 stem cell transplants around the world through an extensive network of U.S. and international partners, including more than 145 U.S. transplant centers and more than 80 U.S. apheresis centers.

NMDP/Be The Match began developing technology platforms to manage the collection and delivery of life-saving allogeneic stem cells to patients at transplant centers more than 20 years ago, and has continually enhanced its software with new innovations that incorporate customer feedback. Today, the company’s software platforms support approximately 6,200 stem cell transplants and 22,000 cell and blood shipments annually.

“We are pleased to offer MatchSource as a highly configurable technology platform to support the growing needs of the cell and gene therapy industry,” said Amy Ronneberg, president of Be The Match BioTherapies. “The cell and gene therapies that are in clinical development and being commercialized today are delivered using a supply chain that is nearly identical to that of a stem cell transplant. Our deep experience managing these transplants provides us with a unique perspective into both the needs of apheresis centers collecting patients’ cells and to the transplant centers who will infuse the final manufactured therapies.”

“The development of MatchSource was informed by focus groups conducted with users from more than 30 transplant centers that we have worked with for more than 30 years, whose feedback we have used to enhance the platform,” Ronneberg added.

Building on the large volume of cellular therapies managed using the organization’s existing software, MatchSource reduces implementation risk for companies developing and delivering new cell and gene therapies, such as CAR-T therapies. It was built to provide critical end-to-end visibility for all stakeholders, and enables patient case management models to support highly personalized cell supply chains. Be The Match BioTherapies patient case managers work to reduce risk, manage disruptions and moderate variability. They regularly perform contingency plans and preparations for the likely scenarios that may occur throughout the supply chain, because change is often the norm with personalized therapies.

MatchSource is also available to support the needs of companies developing allogeneic cell and gene therapies, including customized modeling and search algorithms, cell collections and the delivery of donor cells for manufacture.

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