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MasterControl launches Version 11.7

Monday, November 20, 2017

MasterControl, a global provider of software solutions that enable life science and other regulated companies to deliver life-improving products to more people sooner, has released MasterControl Version 11.7 that includes powerful new analytics capabilities as well as three new cloud-based solutions, MasterControl eTMF Manager, MasterControl Registrations and MasterControl Registrations for eCTD.

“MasterControl is paving a strategic path for life science companies to streamline their efforts to accelerate product-to-market timing,” said Matt Lowe, executive vice president at MasterControl. “MasterControl v11.7 introduces a host of new elements, many of which are customer-driven enhancements that deliver greater efficiencies and noticeable ROI by helping clinical, regulatory, and quality professionals dramatically improve their business processes.”

One of the most highly anticipated benefits is a new analytics engine that brings more powerful and flexible graphical display elements and enhanced data, sorting, filtering, and mathematic performance capabilities to help customers better calculate and track ROI and efficiency gains.

New Analytics Engine: Version 11.7 users will have access to a more robust analytics engine powered by JReport, a highly customizable reporting and business intelligence solution. The revamped analytics offering allows users to view, filter, and interact more with their data. The 11.7 version also includes a new user-friendly interface for analytics, which features a stylized preview of reports in the form of icons. The improved analytics functionality will feature two user modes. The basic, viewer mode allows users to filter, print and export, but not edit. An interactive editor mode allows users to change column size, add/remove columns, create new data columns (e.g., percentages, column math) and create new data within the report. Users can also add or subtract columns, images, groupings, summary fields, calculated fields, filters, labels and graphics.

The three cloud solutions, MasterControl eTMF Manager, Registrations, and Registrations for eCTD are designed to give clinical managers and regulatory and submissions professionals the tools and best practice methodologies needed to greatly improve efficiency and accelerate product time to market, thereby helping companies become more profitable faster. These new solutions and a host of other new features and enhancements of MasterControl Version 11.7 are designed to help companies get products to market faster than ever before. To learn more about these and other innovative solutions, contact MasterControl.

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