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The CenterWatch Weekly, June 05, 2017

Monday, June 5, 2017

Is cannabis poised to disrupt the pharma industry? Many say yes.

Is cannabis—now legal in many states—set to enter mainstream research and development, possibly taking over pain control where opioids left off in the market? Or seizure disorders? Severe nausea? Glaucoma? Many researchers are working to bring cannabis and cannabinoids into the mainstream medicine chest. Others feel that cannabis is such a different animal, with so much baggage, that the roadblocks it faces to becoming an accepted medicine in the U.S. may be, for the time being, insurmountable.

ERT and Orbita collaborate to improve patient retention and trial efficiency

Mobile health applications have transformed the way many people approach their health. Applications can now track food and nutrition intake, activity levels and even sleep habits. Similar health applications have also permeated clinical research; in fact, there has been an increased demand for and utilization of mobile health applications for data capture during clinical trials. This form of data capture is aimed at streamlining the data procurement process, ultimately improving the time in which results from a trial can be analyzed and interpreted.


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