Malecare launches trial accrual system Cancergraph

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Malecare, a U.S. men’s cancer survivor support and advocacy national nonprofit organization, launched Cancergraph, a mobile application that tracks cancer symptoms, disease states and quality of life reports in real time and quickly identified its primary value as a clinical trial accrual system. Cancergraph distills each users’ health data to provide, in real time, only the specific cancer trials that apply to them. 

Clinical trial announcements can now be directed solely to patients who meet the exact criteria for accrual. Currently less than 3-5% of all qualified cancer patients take advantage of the treatment opportunities that clinical trials provide. Most patients struggle to find trials that meet their unique disease profile, and, eventually give up on searching for appropriate clinical trial openings. Now, instead of asking cancer patients to do all of the searching.

Cancergraph is a blend of Uber and Match, creating an easy and accurate way for cancer patients to live longer and happier lives, by entering clinical trials that provide state of the art treatment therapies, said Darryl Mitteldorf, Malecare’s executive director.

For patients, Cancergraph initially serves as a memory tool, giving patients and their doctors reliable reports about day-to-day cancer-related experiences. With an easy-to-navigate interface, patients can choose from a list of over 200 symptoms and side effects, and have the option to include cancer types, medications and concerns. Cancergraph then distills the data into a report that patients can view on their phone or email to doctors.

Patients can also take disease- and symptom-related photos to be added to a secure photo storage area on their mobile device. Additionally, Cancergraph has a journal feature so patients can document their experiences in more detail.

“For anyone who is going through cancer this is an invaluable tool,” said Darryl Mitteldorf, founder of Malecare, “The ability to accurately keep track of symptoms and side effects changes cancer care for both the patient and doctor.”

Cancergraph is free to download and is available for free on iOS and Android, worldwide.

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