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AVACEN Medical seeks buyer

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

AVACEN Medical today announced it has formally retained Objective Capital Partners to locate a qualified purchaser to acquire the company.

San Diego-based AVACEN Medical is a company involved in research and development related to medical devices designed to use its patented AVACEN Treatment Method. Its FDA-cleared AVACEN 100 product is an over-the-counter Class II medical device that addresses the medical needs of over 1 billion people worldwide.

Developed over a six-year period, the AVACEN 100—with more than 3,000 firmware instructions—is the world’s first noninvasive family medical device designed to allow users to easily treat their entire body. It has a record of about 500,000 treatments without a single reported negative side effect.

According to CEO Thomas G. Muehlbauer, “Our patented AVACEN Treatment Method is an entirely new concept in microcirculation therapy. This is accomplished by safely and noninvasively increasing core body temperature by infusing heat into the palm of the hand. Almost everything that can go wrong with the body, including aging, can be traced to compromised microcirculation. Our device and patents address the alleviation of symptoms associated with an autoimmune, circulatory, neurological, lymphatic, thermoregulatory disorder, or endocrinal dysfunction, or any combination thereof.

“Of the alternatives we explored, the company has determined it is in the best interest of its shareholders to offer itself as an acquisition target to a buyer that possesses the necessary resources to advance our fields of use and support the worldwide demand for the company’s products. We believe this is the most advantageous and quickest path to secure our $10 billion annual sales potential while the 17-year average remaining term of our U.S. and international patents is most favorable.”

AVACEN Medical recently announced that ClinicalTrials.gov, a service of the NIH, has published the results of the company’s AVACEN Treatment Method clinical trials. The study was conducted by the University of California, San Diego and the Department of Veterans Affairs. The study results, published in the Society for Neuroscience annual meeting and poster program, indicate a major benefit for fibromyalgia sufferers using the AVACEN Treatment Method. The data show a statistically significant reduction in widespread pain of more than 40%, and a decrease in tender point count to a level below the value typically used for the clinical assessment of fibromyalgia.

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