Roswell Park Cancer Institute spins out new company OmniSeq

Friday, June 12, 2015

OmniSeq has officially begun its spin out from Roswell Park Cancer Institute (RPCI) and will immediately begin commercializing its suite of innovative products that support a physician-driven, collaborative approach to genomic diagnostics—matching cancer patients to therapies tailored specifically to them. Collectively known as OmniSeq Precision Medicine Technology, OmniSeq provides oncology groups, hospitals and healthcare systems with the first-ever fusion of clinical genomics and a comprehensive information technology solution that provides easy access to actionable insights about their patient’s condition and available treatment options. Like Roswell Park, OmniSeq is based in Buffalo, N.Y.

“OmniSeq is the commercial manifestation of the clinical mission of the Center for Personalized Medicine at Roswell Park Cancer Institute—to deliver the best possible patient care by empowering physicians with solutions that accurately and quickly inform them of the latest treatment and care options based on their patients’ unique tumor profiles,” said Carl Morrison, M.D., DVM, president, chief scientific officer and founder of OmniSeq, and executive director of the Center for Personalized Medicine at Roswell Park.

The OmniSeq Precision Medicine Technology platform provides physicians with the tools required to obtain comprehensive information about a patient’s cancer through a proprietary, clinically actionable, genomic sequencing algorithm and a system that continuously ingests and analyzes peer-generated clinical experiences and therapeutic outcomes for patients—allowing oncologists to break through the noise and immediately focus on the solution.   

The OmniSeq Precision Medicine Technology platform consists of three components to form a perfect nexus of precision, connectivity and collaboration. It includes:

  • OmniSeq Target—a differentiated cancer diagnostic that leverages dual next-generation sequencing (dual NGS) and a proprietary algorithm that resolves inconsistencies in solid tumor identification, yielding unassailable results with essentially no false positives. OmniSeq Target sets a new standard for actionable results and rapid turnaround, typically 6-10 days.
  • OmniSeq Connect—a paperless, web-based, end-to-end IT solution that removes the hurdles that have traditionally stood between physicians and actionable genomic information.  OmniSeq Connect gives physicians complete control with rapid results that are directly connected into a patient’s electronic medical records (EMR). OmniSeq Connect includes auto-populated order entry, payment verification, specimen collection services, customized reports and email updates at each step of the process. OmniSeq Connect simplifies access to valuable information, allowing physicians to keep their focus on patients instead of process.
  • OmniSeq Genomic Network—an interconnected, resource-sharing, physician-led collaboration that provides physicians and their teams with cutting-edge, actionable cancer information and the practical expertise to put it into use. Armed with the power of the OmniSeq Genomic Network, a physician can build precise medical approaches on a case-by-case basis inside their own institution, while accessing data and information generated through a continuously growing network of like-minded physicians and thought leaders across hospitals and healthcare systems.

“While OmniSeq’s mission is to power a comprehensive approach to personalized cancer treatment for patients who are in the care of our member institutions, we also understand and highly value the desire for each institution to maintain their own identity and branding. The OmniSeq platform offers the best of both worlds in this regard,” said Mary K. Nesline, senior vice president of Knowledge Informatics at OmniSeq. “With institutions in the OmniSeq Genomic Network having access to their patients’ data, there are enhanced opportunities for collaboration and achieving new standards for the future of genomic medicine. The potential of a physician network such as this is virtually endless.”

Recent studies have suggested that the economics of using molecular testing to support an effective precision medicine strategy for late-stage cancer patients can result in more cost-effective treatment and better patient outcomes. OmniSeq is committed to finding reimbursement solutions that are based on the actionable results they produce. This approach already has proved successful in parts of New York, and the company is committed to reproducing comparable coverage across other payer markets. 

OmniSeq grew out of the Roswell Park Center for Personalized Medicine, which received significant support from New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s Western New York Regional Economic Development Council in 2012 to spur innovation and development.

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