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Epirus, Livzon Mabpharm collaborate in China

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Epirus Biopharmaceuticals, a Boston-based biopharmaceutical company focused on the global development and commercialization of biosimilar monoclonal antibodies, has signed a royalty-bearing, multi-product collaboration agreement with Livzon Mabpharm, a Chinese biotechnology company focused on the development, manufacture and sale of antibody-based drugs.

Epirus and Livzon will work together to develop, manufacture and commercialize up to five biosimilar products. The first collaboration product is Epirus’ Remicade biosimilar BOW015 (infliximab), which recently was approved in India. Livzon will conduct any additional development work necessary for the approval of BOW015 in China and Taiwan. Livzon also will serve as the preferred supplier of BOW015 in these territories, following a transfer of Epirus’ SCALE manufacturing platform. Livzon will be responsible for all commercialization activities in its territories.

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