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Radiant Research expands consumer product testing division

Monday, November 4, 2013

Radiant Research, a provider of clinical and consumer product testing, has expanded its consumer division. This expansion includes additional geographic locations and increased product testing capabilities. The changes give Radiant’s consumer testing sites the ability to conduct studies in more diverse dermatological disease states, as well as in a varied demographical healthy normal population, with new bioinstrumentation resources.

“Radiant has become an industry leader in complex consumer trials since launching this specialized division in 2011,” said Tara Kelley, vice president of operations for Radiant Research. “Now, we’re giving our clients more options for their consumer testing needs by adding new locations and specialty populations. We’ve also made the process more efficient by integrating our consumer product and clinical trial database—giving us access to one million potential study participants.”Radiant Research has expanded its dermal safety testing to include cumulative irritation, phototoxicity, contact sensitization, primary irritation, photoallergy and transdermal delivery systems at multiple locations.

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