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Oracle Health Sciences releases Omics Data Bank

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Oracle Health Sciences has released the Oracle Health Sciences Omics Data Bank, a molecular data model, part of Oracle Health Sciences’ Translational Research Center.  The new data model provides integration and analysis of cross-platform omics data to support translational research.

The Omics Data Bank enables turnkey integration and analysis of multiple types of molecular data, including whole genome sequencing and gene expression data irrespective of the platform used. The omics data model allows researchers to analyze large molecular data sets from internal and external sources more efficiently.

The solution also includes out-of-the-box adapters for loading customer-generated molecular profiling data, as well as public domain data from sources such as Ensembl, The Cancer Genome Atlas andPathwayCommons, to further speed time to value.

OracleHealthSciencesTranslationalResearchCenterruns on Oracle Exadata Database Machine.

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