Walgreens launches Center for Health & Wellbeing Research

Walgreens announced the launch of its Center for Health & Wellbeing Research, a website that features more than 50 Walgreens outcomes studies completed over the past six years. Areas of research include access to care and patient experience, adherence and clinical outcomes, digital health and member engagement, health care costs, HIV and specialty pharmacy, vaccinations and more.

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The Pulse

The Pulse on Technology by Elisa Cascade

Any sponsor, CRO or third-party involved in site selection and study planning will tell you that data driven tools are the key to success. Thankfully, sponsors have a range of tools to choose from in today’s market that offer tables, charts, graphs, heatmaps, projections, scoring and in-depth reporting. The most important difference between these tools, however, is not the user interface, but rather the underlying data sources. So for sponsors, the question remains, “Are the tools responsible for successful study planning and site selection? Or should we worry about the data that feeds them instead?”

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