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Clinical Trials

Feridex I.V.

The following drug information is obtained from various newswires, published medical journal articles, and medical conference presentations.

Approval Status:

Approved February 1996

Specific Treatments:

liver cancer

General Information

Feridex I.V. (generic name ferumoxides injectable solution) has been approved as a contrast agent for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of liver lesions. Feridex I.V. is the first organ-specific MRI contrast agent to file with the FDA. Through the liver's natural function, the agent is taken up by macrophages found only in healthy liver cells but not in most tumors.

Additional Information

Feridex I.V. is marketed in the United States by Berlex Laboratories. If you have questions regarding Feridex I.V. please contact Berlex Laboratories, Inc. - Department of Epidemiology and Medical Affairs at (800) 888-2407.For product information call (800) 237-5391.

Feridex I.V. is marketed in western Europe by Guerbet S.A. under the tradename Endorem.

Feridex I.V. is marketed in Japan under the tradename Feridex by Eiken Chemical Co., Ltd, in association with Tanabe Seiyaku Ltd.

Feridex I.V. is marketed in Argentina by Temis-Lostaló, in South Korea byTaeJoon Pharmaceuticals, in Israel by Discotrade and in China by Pharmagenesis, Inc.

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