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FDA Approved Drugs by Name

Search by brand name for drugs approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for sale in the United States. Each listing contains a brief description of the indication for use. Click on the drug name for a complete product profile, including general information, clinical trial results, side effects and manufacture information.

Radicava (edaravone)

For the treatment of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

Ragwitek (Short Ragweed Pollen Allergen Extract)

For the treatment of short ragweed pollen-induced allergic rhinitis

Ranexa (ranolazine)

For the treatment of chronic angina in patients failing first-line therapy

Ranitidine Capsules

Generic equivalent of Zantac GELdose

Ranitidine Tablets

Generic equivalent of Zantac

Rapamune (sirolimus) oral solution

Oral solution of sirolimus

Rapamune (sirolimus) Tablets

For treatment of kidney rejection

Rapivab (peramivir injection)

For the treatment of acute uncomplicated influenza in adults


Adjunct to general anesthesia during surgical procedures

Ravicti (glycerol phenylbutyrate)

For the treatment of pediatrics and adults with urea cycle disorders

Raxar (grepafloxacin)

Treatment for chronic bronchitis

Rayaldee (calcifediol)

For the treatment of secondary hyperparathyroidism in adults with stage 3 or 4 chronic kidney disease

Rayos (prednisone) delayed-release tablets

For the treatment of certain inflammatory diseases, including arthritis, COPD, asthma and psoriatic conditions

Rebetol (ribavirin)

For the treatment of chronic hepatitis C

REBETRON (TM) Combination Therapy

Treatment for Chronic Hepatitis C

Rebif (interferon beta-1a)

Subcutaneous injection for the treatment of relapsing forms of multiple sclerosis

Rebinyn (Coagulation Factor IX (Recombinant), GlycoPEGylated)

For the treatment of hemophilia B

Recarbrio (imipenem, cilastatin, and relebactam)

For the treatment of complicated intra-abdominal and urinary tract infections

Reclast (zoledronic acid)

For the treatment of Paget's disease

Reclast (zoledronic acid)

For the treatment of postmenopausal osteoporosis

Rectiv (nitroglycerin) ointment 0.4%

For the treatment of chronic anal fissure

Redux (dexfenfluramine hydrochloride)

Treatment for obesity


Treatment of heparin-induced thrombocytopenia type II

REGRANEX (becaplermin) Gel

Treatment for diabetic foot ulcers


Treatment for uncomplicated acute illness due to influenza virus

Relpax (eletriptan hydrobromide)

For the acute treatment of migraine headaches

Remeron (Mirtazapine)

Treatment for depression

Remeron SolTab (mirtazapine)

Orally disintegrating tablet for the treatment of depression

Remicade (infliximab)

For inhibiting the progression of structural damage in patients with rheumatoid arthritis

Remicade (infliximab)

Intravenous infusion for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis

Reminyl (galantamine hydrobromide)

For the treatment of mild to moderate dementia of the Alzheimer's type

Remodulin (treprostinil)

For the treatment of pulmonary arterial hypertension in patients with NYHA Class II-IV symptoms

Renagel (sevelamer hydrochloride)

For the control of serum phosphorus in patients with chronic kidney disease on dialysis

Renagel (sevelamer hydrochloride)

For the reduction of serum phosphorus in patients with end-stage renal disease (ESRD)

RenaGelRenagel (sevelamer hydrochloride)

Treatment for Renal Disease

Renova (tretinoin emollient cream)

Treatment for facial wrinkles, brown spots, and surface roughness associated with chronic sun exposure

Renvela (sevelamer carbonate)

For the control of serum phosphorus in patients with chronic kidney disease on dialysis


Treatment for cardiac ischemic complications

Repatha (evolocumab)

For the treatment of high cholesterol

REPRONEX(menotropins for injection, USP)

Generic equivalent of Pergonal

Requip (ropinirole hydrochloride)

Treatment for Parkinson's Disease

Rescriptor Tablets (delavirdine mesylate tablets)

Treatment for HIV-1 infection

Rescula (unoprostone isopropyl ophthalmic solution) 0.15%

For the treatment of open-angle glaucoma or ocular hypertension

RespiGam (Respiratory Syncitial Virus Immune Globulin Intravenous)

Treatment for the prevention of respiratory syncytial virus disease

Restasis (cyclosporine ophthalmic emulsion)

For the treatment of low tear production.

Retavase (reteplase)

Treatment for patients suffering from heart attack

Retin-A Micro (tretinoin gel) microsphere, 0.1%

Treatment for acne

Revcovi (elapegademase-lvlr)

For the treatment of adenosine deaminase severe combined immune deficiency

Revlimid (lenalidomide)

For the treatment of low- and intermediate-1-risk myelodysplastic syndromes

Revlimid (lenalidomide)

For the treatment of mantle cell lymphoma

Rexulti (brexpiprazole)

For the treatment of depression and schizophrenia

Reyataz (atazanavir sulfate)

For the treatment of HIV-1 infection in combination with other antiretroviral agents

Rhinocort Aqua Nasal Spray

A nasal spray containing budesonide

Rhofade (oxymetazoline hydrochloride)

For the treatment of facial erythema associated with rosacea

Rhopressa (netarsudil ophthalmic solution)

For the treatment of glaucoma or ocular hypertension

Rid Mousse

For the treatment of head, pubic (crab), and body lice

Rilutek (riluzole)

Treatment for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS)

Rinvoq (upadacitinib)

For the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis

Risperdal Oral Formulation

Treatment for schizophrenia

Ritalin LA (methylphenidate HCl)

Oral capsules for the treatment Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

Rituxan (rituximab)

For the treatment of chronic lymphocytic leukemia

Rituxan (rituximab)

For the treatment of moderately-to severely-active rheumatoid arthritis

Rituxan (rituximab)

For the treatment of Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma

Rituxan (rituximab)

For the treatment of Pemphigus Vulgaris

Rituxan (rituximab)

For the treatment of Wegener’s Granulomatosis and Microscopic Polyangiitis

Rixubis (Coagulation Factor IX (Recombinant)]

For the routine prophylaxis and control of hemophilia B


Treatment for pediatric otitis media

Rocklatan (netarsudil and latanoprost ophthalmic solution)

For the treatment of elevated intraocular pressure in patients with open-angle glaucoma or ocular hypertension

Rotarix (Rotavirus Vaccine, Live, Oral)

For the prevention of rotavirus gastroenteritis caused by G1 and non-G1 types (G3, G4, and G9) in pediatrics

Rotateq (rotavirus vaccine, live oral pentavalent)

For the prevention of gastroenteritis associated with rotavirus infections in infants

Rozerem (ramelteon)

For the treatment of sleep-onset insomnia

Rozlytrek (entrectinib)

For the treatment of ROS1-positive non-small cell lung cancer and NTRK Gene Fusion-Positive Solid Tumors

Rubraca (rucaparib)

For the treatment of advanced ovarian cancer in women with deleterious germline or somatic BRCA mutation

Ruconest (C1 esterase inhibitor [recombinant])

For the treatment of hereditary angioedema

Ruzurgi (amifampridine)

For the treatment of Lambert-Eaton myasthenic syndrome in pediatrics

Rydapt (midostaurin)

For the treatment of FLT3 positive acute myeloid leukemia and mastocytosis

Rytary (carbidopa and levodopa) extended-release capsules

For the treatment of Parkinson's disease


Treatment for paroxysmal atrial fibrillation