Half of EU Clinical Trial Results Not Reported

September 17, 2018

Despite EU requirements for clinical trials to report results to the EU Clinical Trials Register within a year of a trial’s completion, sponsors have only reported about half of them so far.

Master Protocols Can Kickstart Clinical Trials

September 4, 2018

Master protocol designs have taken on new significance as sponsors, sites and regulators have come to recognize that decision points must be reached sooner—and the FDA is planning to issue new guidance on them in the coming weeks.

WCG, Inspire Team Up to Boost Trial Access

September 4, 2018

WCG has partnered with Inspire, a leading online health social network, in an effort to make it easier for patients—especially those with rare and genetic-based diseases—to find clinical trials that may help them.

Experts Ask FDA to Rethink Trial Exclusion Criteria

August 27, 2018

Ethical concerns about testing on vulnerable groups may be unnecessary and may be depriving trials of key critical data, a panel of experts says, urging the FDA to reconsider rigid rules excluding certain groups from clinical trials—or at least make decisions on a case-by-case basis.