WCG and Informed DNA Launch New Genetic and Precision Medicine Center

June 25, 2018

WCG and Informed DNA, in a new strategic partnership, have launched the Center for Genetics and Precision Medicine in Clinical Trials to drive the use of genetic information in clinical trials.

“Precision medicine demands that we rethink the traditional drug development process,” said Donald A. Deieso, executive chairman and CEO of WCG. “Our solution will enable sponsors to identify hard-to-find patient populations, reduce their exposure to risk, identify broader potential therapeutic indications and increase the overall value of each trial subject.”

“With the rise in precision medicine, protocols have become increasingly complex,” said David Nixon, chairman and CEO of Informed DNA, which “presents challenges in the design of clinical trials that include genetic components, but also the opportunity to uncover greater value in the process through a proper genetic focus.”

WCG’s deep knowledge of industry protocols and clinical experts as well as Informed DNA’s team of genetic specialists and extensive genetic database will power the new center.

“As the focus of clinical research increasingly shifts toward rare and orphan diseases, as well as greater personalization, patient recruitment becomes a significant challenge,” said Rebecca Sutphen, M.D., Informed DNA’s chief medical officer. “Obviously, trial sponsors and clinical research sites must harness the power of genetic information. But first, they must access the expertise and infrastructure to collect genetic information, and then apply it to enhance and manage different methods of recruitment.”