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Clinical Trials Resource Center

Welcome to The International Eczema-Psoriasis Foundation's Clinical Trials Resource Center presented in partnership with, the leading publisher of information on clinical research for patients and their advocates. Please click on the links below to learn more about clinical research and new medical therapies. For information on Dermatology clinical trials currently seeking volunteers, please click here.

About Clinical Research
Here you will find an overview of the clinical research process, questions to ask if you are considering participating in a research study, as well as a glossary of clinical research terms.

Dermatology Clinical Trials
Database of industry sponsored clinical trial listings for Dermatology.

Listing of Studies at the National Institutes of Health
This listing includes government-funded clinical research studies being conducted by the various National Institutes of Health.

CenterWatch Patient Notification Service
CenterWatch offers a confidential e-mail notification whenever relevant new trials or newly approved drugs are listed on the CenterWatch web site. To subscribe, you need only to provide us with an email address. No other personally-identifying information is required.

Profiles of Research Centers
Detailed descriptions of centers that conduct clinical research in the field of Dermatology. Profiles include an overview of each center, descriptions of clinical research investigators and staff, and links to currently enrolling clinical research studies.

New FDA Drug Approvals
Database of new medical treatments approved by the FDA since 1995. Detailed summary descriptions for each drug are provided including drug name; manufacturer; mechanism of action; clinical trial results, and side effect profile.

CenterWatch Research Headlines
Here you'll find links to news articles and reports on recent advances in clinical research. This section is updated weekly and the information has been published in CenterWatch publications during the past weeks.

CenterWatch Bookstore
Contains a variety of reports, brochures and publications that patients and their advocates can use to learn more about the clinical trials industry and how to identify and volunteer for clinical trials.