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About Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are important as they help the medical community discover ways to understand, diagnose, prevent and treat disease. They help us learn more about the side effects of a potential treatment and to understand whether the possible benefits outweigh the risks.

The trials help us answer important clinical questions about study drugs, such as:

      • How does this study drug act in the body?
      • How will it affect certain diseases or conditions?
      • Is this study drug safe for wider use?

Thousands of volunteers all around the world take part in well-controlled clinical research studies every year. Independent institutional review boards and ethics committees oversee all clinical studies, protecting patients’ rights and ensuring they are not exposed to unnecessary risks.

Why carry out clinical research in fatty liver disease?

The World Health Organization lists fatty liver disease and NASH as important conditions contributing to the global health burden. For some forms of fatty liver disease, such as nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH), an advanced stage of fatty liver disease where there the liver has signs of scarring, no medical treatment is currently available.

Is taking part in a clinical research study voluntary?

Yes, taking part in any clinical research study is completely voluntary. If you decide to stop participation at any time, it will not affect your future medical care in any way.

What is Informed Consent?

Before you can join any clinical research study you need to give your consent. You must be fully informed about the study before you give your consent. You must give your consent voluntarily; you should not feel pressured to do so. You should feel free to discuss the study with family and friends before you make your decision.

What is a study drug?

A study drug has not yet been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), or Health Products and Food Branch (HPFB) of Health Canada for doctors to prescribe for a particular condition.