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Verapamil for Neuroprotection in Stroke

The purpose of this research study is to test an experimental procedure called intra-arterial delivery of verapamil in patients diagnosed with acute ischemic stroke. This study investigates the

acute cerebral ischemia
rehabilitation therapy
cerebral infarction
  • 25 Feb, 2022
  • 3 locations
A Study to Assess the Drug Interaction Between MYK-224 and Itraconazole and Verapamil in Healthy Participants

The purpose of this study is to evaluate the effect of co-administration of itraconazole or verapamil on the drug levels of MYK-224 in healthy participants.

Accepts healthy volunteers
  • 17 Jun, 2022
Verapamil SR in Adults With Type 1 Diabetes (Ver-A-T1D)

This study has been set up within the framework of the INNODIA network. INNODIA is a global partnership between 31 academic institutions, 6 industrial partners, a small sized enterprise and 2 patient organizations, bringing their knowledge and experience together with one common goal: "To fight type 1 diabetes". ( The …

  • 25 Mar, 2022
  • 12 locations
Intracoronary of Nicorandil and Verapamil to Reduce the Occurrence of Periprocedural Myocardial Injury

conduct a double blinded, randomized, placebo-controlled trial,the aim of our trial is: (1) to observe whether the prophylactically intracoronary administration of nicorandil and verapamil could reduce

myocardial infarction
acute coronary syndrome
percutaneous coronary intervention
  • 17 Jun, 2022
  • 1 location
A GLP-1 Receptor PET Imaging Substudy Within the VER-A-T1D Trial Investigating the Effects on Beta Cell Mass (Ver-A-image)

The goal of the trial is to measure pancreatic uptake of 68Ga-NODAGA-exendin by PET/CT for detection of intra-individual differences in beta cell mass before and after treatment with Verapamil

  • 28 Jun, 2022
  • 2 locations
Use of Adenosine to Determine the Electrophysiological Mechanism of Premature Ventricular Contractions

-indicated, standard-of-care cardiac electrophysiology study (EPS) procedure for PVCs will receive adenosine and/or verapamil to learn if their arrhythmias are inducible similarly to sustained ventricular

Accepts healthy volunteers
  • 25 Feb, 2022
  • 1 location
P-glypoprotein Inhibition Effect on the Pharmacokinetics of Two Tacrolimus Formulations: Prolonged and Extended-release (DIPLOID)

inhibitor could therefore have a different impact on exposure to different galenic formulations. Verapamil is an inhibitor of P-gp and CYP 3A4, which is frequently prescribed and recommended by FDA

Accepts healthy volunteers
  • 23 Apr, 2022
  • 1 location
Treatment of Tinnitus With Migraine Medications

Tinnitus represents one of the most common and distressing otologic problems, and it causes various somatic and psychological disorders that interfere with the quality of life. It is well-understood that many factors, such as poor education, lower income, or occupational, and recreational activity associated with high noise exposure, influences the …

noise exposure
  • 15 Jun, 2021
  • 1 location
Heart Rate Controller in Computed Tomography Coronary Angiography

Coronary computed tomography angiography (CCTA) is one of important non-invasive test for diagnosis of coronary artery disease. Cardiac motion artifact by heart rate (HR) has impact on CCTA interpretation. Current recommendation suggests HR reduction at less than 60 bpm with using of oral metoprolol. However, there are populations that are …

  • 25 May, 2022
Double-syringe vs Single-syringe Technique of Adenosine for Termination of Regular Narrow Complex Tachycardia

Adenosine has been discovered since 1929 and used in the acute treatment of arrhythmias. It uses as a therapeutic diagnosis in patients with regular narrow QRS complex tachyarrhythmias. The conventional method of adenosine administration is the double syringe technique (DST). However, it consumes a lot of resources including two syringes, …

  • 02 Sep, 2021
  • 1 location