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Ultrasound-guided Percutaneous Biliary Drainage Versus Endoscopic Ultrasound-guided Biliary Drainage (PUMa)

Prospective multi-site study of ultrasound-guided percutaneous biliary drainage and endoscopic ultrasound-guided biliary drainage with implantation of a self-expanding metal stent in patients with malignant, distal bile duct obstruction (PUMa-study)

  • 02 Mar, 2022
  • 1 location
Growth Hormone Pretreatment in Poseidon Type IV Undergoing ICSI Using Minimal Induction Protocol: A Randomized Controlled Trial

This study is done aiming to Assess Efficiency of Growth hormone as an adjuvant in pretreatment of Poseidon type IV group " poor responders "undergoing ICSI using minimal induction protocol

Accepts healthy volunteers
  • 29 Oct, 2021
  • 1 location
Idiopathic Granulomatous Mastitis Combination Therapy (IGM-COMBO)

After breast cancer, diopathic Granulomatous Mastitis (IGM) is among the breast diseases that bother patients and clinicians the most. Countries with a coast to the Mediterranean, especially our country, are the most common geography of this disease. For this reason, a significant part of the important scientific publications about IGM …

  • 14 May, 2022
Physiotherapy or Fasciotomy as Treatment for Chronic Exertional Compartment Syndrome in the Lower Leg?

It is hypothesized that physiotherapy including a change in running landing pattern and surgical fasciotomy are equally good as treatment options for chronic exertional compartment syndrome (CECS) of the anterior compartment of the lower leg. The endpoints/outcomes are: Change from week 0 (start of study) to week 12 (completion of …

  • 14 Feb, 2022
  • 1 location
A Study to Determine the Safety and Efficacy of TG-C in Subjects With Kellgren and Lawrence Grade 2 or 3 OA of the Knee

damaged joint area via ultrasound guidance. Patients will be followed for 24 months for safety and efficacy.

intra-articular injection
osteoarthritis of knee
  • 03 May, 2022
  • 16 locations
Study to Determine the Efficacy and Safety of TG-C in Subjects With Kellgren/Lawrence Grade 2 or 3 OA of the Knee

damaged joint area via ultrasound guidance. Patients will be followed for 24 months for safety and efficacy.

intra-articular injection
  • 02 May, 2022
  • 4 locations
Thoracic Drains in Intensive Care Units: Comparison of Seldinger and Surgical Methods

This prospective randomized multicenter study is intended to investigate tolerance and effectiveness of thoracic drainage conducted by Seldinger technique with small drains, or by a surgical-like technique with large armed drains, in intensive care units patients.

  • 26 Jan, 2021
  • 1 location
GnRH Agonist for Dual Trigger in IVF and for Luteal Phase Support in FET

The objectives of this study are to compare the efficacy of the dual trigger group vs the hCG trigger group on the live birth rate in women undergoing IVF and the efficacy of the agonist in LP group vs the placebo group on the live birth rate in women undergoing …

gonadotrophin releasing hormone analogue
  • 02 Mar, 2022
  • 1 location
Natural Cycle vs. Modified Natural Cycle vs. Artificial Cycle Protocol for Endometrial Preparation.

Fresh embryo transfer is a routine procedure in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatment. Since the first live birth after an IVF-FET (frozen embryo transfer), recent years have seen a dramatic rise in the number of FET cycles. Three endometrial preparation protocols for frozen-thawed embryo transfer, including artificial, natural, modified natural protocol, …

  • 09 May, 2021
  • 1 location
Cumulative Pregnancy Rate With Lower and Higher Gonadotropin Dose During IVF Among Poor Responders

Controlled ovarian hyperstimulation (COH) is an important step during in vitro fertilization (IVF). Its aim optimally is to recruit 10-15 oocytes. When deciding on the actual treatment, different stimulation protocols, various stimulating agents and wide range of gonadotropin dose can one choose from. Prior to the decision on the actual …

  • 15 May, 2022