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Abnormal Hyperkinetic Movements Post Acute Stroke

genetic or degenerative origin), and "secondary causes". In addition to certain medications or toxic substances, brain damage can be a cause. In this register, 22% of involuntary abnormal movements are

  • 05 Jun, 2022
  • 1 location
Eosinophil Activation and Function in Parasitic Infections and Other Conditions With Increased Tissue or Peripheral Blood Eosinophilia in Humans

the release of toxic substances in these cells into body tissues. Patients 1 to 100 years of age with eosinophil counts greater than 750/ml or an abnormal accumulation of eosinophils in the

blood test
blood tests
genetic testing
toxic substances
  • 23 Oct, 2022
  • 1 location
Mineral Status in Pregnant Women (PREDISH)

Ensuring an adequate supply of nutrients, which include trace elements, is particularly important in pregnancy. Both deficiency and excess of trace elements in the body can interfere with conception and maintaining a healthy pregnancy. The effects of malnutrition and shortages in fetal life may increase the risk of miscarriages, congenital …

Accepts healthy volunteers
  • 22 Apr, 2022
  • 1 location
Evaluation of Long-term Incidence of Ventricular Arrhythmias in Patients With Acute Myocarditis (AIM-ICD)

Myocarditis is an inflammatory disease of the heart muscle which is mostly caused by viruses, bacteria, parasites, toxic substances/drugs or by primary autoimmune mechanisms. Signs of heart

  • 04 Oct, 2022
Presence of Toxins From Smoking in the Follicular Fluid of Women Undergoing Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection Treatment

be performed. In combination with a patient questionnaire, it will be possible to analyze the risk of smoking, the bio-accumulation of toxic substances in the follicular fluid, and the chance to have

intracytoplasmic sperm injection
preterm delivery
Accepts healthy volunteers
  • 04 Oct, 2022
  • 1 location
Electronic Cigarette Use During Pregnancy

Aim 1: To compare the overall toxicant exposure in pregnant women who use electronic cigarettes (e-cigs, vapor, e-liquid, e-juice, vape, vaping devices) compared to women who smoke conventional cigarettes. Aim 2. To compare toxicant exposure and birth outcomes among infants born to pregnant women who use e-cigs compared to women …

  • 07 Oct, 2022
  • 6 locations
Eating Behavior and Weight Trajectory After Bariatric Surgery

Studying the mechanisms of weight regain (WR) may provide much needed insight into sustained obesity management. The aim of this five-year, prospective, multicenter study is to evaluate the association among eating patterns (specifically maladaptive behaviors), certain psychological variables and weight trajectory in the short- and long-term after bariatric surgery (BS). …

  • 24 Jan, 2021
  • 1 location