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Effects of an Integrative Psychological Program in Bipolar Disorder

patients will mantain standard psychiatric treatment. Together with the baseline assessment, the whole sample will be assessed after the intervention and at 12 months from the baseline evaluation

psychiatric treatment
  • 22 Mar, 2022
  • 1 location
Zero Self-Harm - a Mobile Phone Application to Reduce Non-suicidal Self-injury

to receive psychiatric treatment in Denmark, TAU includes many different treatments and counseling services, i.e. counseling at non-profit organizations, service centers in the municipalities

  • 01 May, 2022
  • 1 location
Psychobiological Responses to Choral Singing in Mentally Ill and Healthy Children and Adolescents

Interventional, three-armed, open, monocentric, medium-term follow-up, pre-test-post-test design, controlled, parallel group study to investigate the effects of a group singing intervention on neuroendocrine (hair cortisol, salivary cortisol, salivary alpha amylase), immune (salivary immunoglobulin A/s-IgA), and psychological (psychological stress, mood, social contacts, emotional and social competence, self-esteem, and quality of life) …

psychological stress
Accepts healthy volunteers
  • 08 Jun, 2022
  • 3 locations
'MindRest: Mindful Network Dynamics Regulation Under Stress (MindRest)

This study aims to assess the effectiveness of Mindfulness Based Stress reduction to reduce perceived stress in a highly stressed student population, while concurrently investigating neural mechanisms of the intervention. The investigators will perform a randomized, wait-list controlled trial assessing clinical and neurocognitive outcomes as well as measures of daily …

Accepts healthy volunteers
  • 14 Oct, 2022
  • 1 location
Development of a Recovery Oriented Treatment for Post-Acute Suicidal Episode (PASE) Veterans

Mental health care for Veterans with suicidal symptoms is of paramount import to the VA. Unfortunately, VA suicide reports show suicide rates increasing, suggesting a need for enhancing current VA suicide mental health care efforts. While several psychotherapeutic treatments exist for acute suicidality, there are few treatments designed to help …

mental health treatment
substance use
  • 21 Apr, 2022
  • 1 location
Peer and Text Message Support to Reduce Readmission Rates for Patients Discharged From Acute Psychiatric Care

mental health and psychiatric treatment from A&MH services after a long wait. Our pilot test of these interventions provide evidence that psychiatric readmissions, and emergency department visits can

  • 20 Apr, 2022
  • 6 locations
Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation Treatment for Warriors Experiencing Chronic Pain (Warriors)

identified from the Emory Healthcare Veterans Program (EHVP-IOP) Veterans and Service members seeking psychiatric treatment for mental health issues including PTSD.

pain relieving
transcranial direct current stimulation
chronic pain
  • 05 Apr, 2022
Mechanisms of Change in Brief Treatment for Borderline Personality Disorder (BPDCHANGE)

The present two-arm randomized controlled study aims at testing the effects (i.e., symptom reduction) and the underlying mechanisms of change associated with a brief psychiatric treatment (10

  • 15 Feb, 2022
  • 1 location
Affective Disorders: Eliminate WArning Signs And REstore Functioning: AWARE

, sleep quality and satisfaction with psychiatric treatment are carried out at baseline and after the end of treatment. Discussion: It is hypothesised that the AWARE arm in comparison with standard

  • 28 Jan, 2021
  • 1 location
French Observatory of ElectroConvulsive Therapy (ECT)

Since the 30s, ECT has been a psychiatric treatment mainly used for drug-resistant depressive illnesses. Clinical studies have shown its therapeutic efficiency compared to standard treatments

psychiatric treatment
  • 02 May, 2022
  • 2 locations