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Investigation of Factors Associated With Preserved Cognitive Function in Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder (BD) s the fourth leading cause of disability worldwide among young people. Differences in demographic and clinical characteristics between patients do not influence educational achievement and receipt of disability pension, indicating that there are other factors such as neurocognitive function that are of importance for maintaining occupational and …

  • 10 Nov, 2021
  • 1 location
Opioid/Benzodiazepine Polydrug Abuse

Benzodiazepine (BZD)/opioid polysubstance abuse (PSA) dramatically increases risks of overdose, disability and death; however, little is known about phenotypes that could be targeted to decrease this use and these associated risks. The opioid abuse epidemic is generating unprecedented numbers of overdoses (OD) and deaths from prescribed and illegal sources (e.g. …

  • 10 May, 2022
  • 1 location
Tolerability of Lopinavir Versus Dolutegravir for Children and Adolescents Living With HIV (LoDoCA)

Dolutegravir-based antiretroviral therapy is set to be increasingly replace ritonavir-boosted lopinavir-based regimens for the treatment of paediatric HIV. This prospective cohort study aims to compare tolerability, adverse effects, and virological outcomes between the two regimen types using a before-after design. The study is conducted in Lesotho, southern Africa, and includes …

  • 04 Oct, 2022
  • 1 location
Central Serous Chorioretinopathy Registry and Pachychoroid Observation and Natural History Study (CSCR POOH)

Objectives To conduct a Natural History Observation Study to characterize the clinical features and progression of Central Serous Chorioretinopathy (CSCR) from the earliest to the vision-threatening stages. Collect genetic samples of affected individuals and their families to establish whether there is a genetic basis for the disease. To create a …

  • 05 May, 2022
  • 3 locations
The JULI Registry--Hemp and Cannabis Observational Registry (JULI)

treatment and other underlying health issues. These symptoms include nausea, neuropathy, and sleeplessness and chronic pain.

chronic pain
  • 04 Oct, 2022
  • 4 locations
Studies of Brain Function and Course of Illness in Pediatric Bipolar Disorder

chronic anger, sadness, or irritability, as well as hyperarousal (such as insomnia, distractibility, hyperactivity) and extreme responses to frustration (such as frequent, severe temper tantrums

depressed mood
bipolar disorder
psychiatric treatment
  • 07 Apr, 2023
  • 1 location
Genetic Characterization of Movement Disorders and Dementias

Background There are two basic types of movement disorders. Some cause excessive movement, some cause slowness or lack of movement. Some of these are caused by mutations in genes. On the other hand, dementia is a condition of declining mental abilities, especially memory. Dementia can occur at any age but …

blood tests
cognitive impairment
genetic testing
heart disease
  • 28 Oct, 2022
  • 1 location
Pharmacokinetics, Pharmacodynamics, and Safety Profile of Understudied Drugs Administered to Children Per Standard of Care (POPS) (POPS or POP02)

The study investigators are interested in learning more about how drugs, that are given to children by their health care provider, act in the bodies of children and young adults in hopes to find the most safe and effective dose for children. The primary objective of this study is to …

Accepts healthy volunteers
  • 04 Mar, 2022
  • 43 locations
The Norwegian Cerebral Venous Thrombosis Study (NoCVT)

The NoCVT study will investigate CVT (2010-2019) in a large Norwegian population (> 3 millions) using several approaches combining existing health registries, clinical databases and new prospectively collected clinical data to explore epidemiology, risk factors, diagnostics, treatment, and the long-term prognosis of CVT.

  • 13 Jun, 2022
  • 1 location
Patient's Whole Process Follow-up Management(HOPE-1) (HOPE-1)

Our project is going to explore whether management and follow-up of locally advanced/metastatic patients using the patient process management platform can prolong patient survival and improve patient quality of life.

  • 07 Oct, 2022
  • 1 location