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Cohort of Premature Newborns for Charaterization of the Digestive Microbiota in Ulcerative Necrotizing Enterocolitis in Premature Infants

Compare the bacterial digestive microbiota during the stay in neonatal intensive care between a group of premature newborns developing a NEC (necrotizing enterocolitis) and a group of newborns

  • 27 Aug, 2021
  • 1 location
uPAR-PET for Prognostication in Patients With Non-small Cell Lung Cancer, Malignant Pleural Mesothelioma and Large Cell Neuroendocrine Carcinoma of the Lung

uPAR PET/CT as a prognostic marker in non-small cell lung cancer.

lung cancer
lung carcinoma
  • 24 Feb, 2022
  • 1 location
Evaluating the Addition of the Immunotherapy Drug Atezolizumab to Standard Chemotherapy Treatment for Metastatic Small Cell Neuroendocrine Carcinomas That Originate Outside the Lung

This phase II/III trial compares the effect of immunotherapy with atezolizumab in combination with standard chemotherapy with a platinum drug (cisplatin or carboplatin) and etoposide versus standard therapy alone for the treatment of poorly differentiated extrapulmonary (originated outside the lung) small cell neuroendocrine cancer. The other aim of this trial …

  • 26 Jul, 2022
  • 57 locations
Talimogene Laherparepvec and Nivolumab in Treating Patients With Refractory Lymphomas or Advanced or Refractory Non-melanoma Skin Cancers

This phase II trial studies how well talimogene laherparepvec and nivolumab work in treating patients with lymphomas that do not responded to treatment (refractory) or non-melanoma skin cancers that have spread to other places in the body (advanced) or do not responded to treatment. Biological therapies, such as talimogene laherparepvec, …

serum pregnancy test
gilbert's syndrome
mycosis fungoides
melanoma skin
peripheral t-cell lymphoma
  • 07 Jul, 2022
  • 5 locations
Liposomal Irinotecan, Fluorouracil and Leucovorin in Treating Patients With Refractory Advanced High Grade Neuroendocrine Cancer of Gastrointestinal, Unknown, or Pancreatic Origin

This phase II trial studies how well liposomal irinotecan, leucovorin, and fluorouracil work in treating patients with high grade neuroendocrine cancer of gastrointestinal, unknown, or pancreatic origin that does not respond to treatment and has spread to other places in the body. Lliposomal irinotecan may stop the growth of tumor …

  • 10 Jul, 2022
  • 2 locations
CEUS Evaluation of Bowel Perfusion in Necrotizing Enterocolitis

There is no bedside imaging technique that can quantify dynamic bowel perfusion with high soft tissue contrast and sensitivity in necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC). Our goal is to assess the

  • 21 Feb, 2022
  • 1 location
Adoptive Transfer of Tumor Infiltrating Lymphocytes for Advanced Solid Cancers

This is a Phase 2 study to evaluate the efficacy of a non-myeloablative lymphodepleting preparative regimen followed by infusion of autologous TIL and high-dose aldesleukin in patients with locally advanced, recurrent, or metastatic cancer associated with one of the following cancer types: 1.) gastric/esophagogastric, 2.) colorectal, 3.) pancreatic, 4.) sarcoma, …

brain metastases
gilbert's syndrome
  • 08 Jun, 2022
  • 1 location
Immunological Variables Associated to ICI Toxicity in Cancer Patients

This is a monocentric, prospective, pilot study that will enrol 435 subjects with solid tumours that are treated with immune checkpoint inhibitor(s) (ICI) alone or in combination with chemotherapy or targeted therapy. For enrolled subjects, clinical and laboratory evaluations will be performed and reported at different time points: Early (4-6 …

solid tumour
targeted therapy
serum pregnancy test
  • 25 Jul, 2022
  • 1 location
PT-112 (Phosplatin's Platinum) Combine With Gemcitabine Injection for Advanced Solid Tumors

Phase I dose escalation period: solid tumors, including but not limited to biliary tract cancer, pancreatic cancer, ovarian cancer, thymoma, neuroendocrine carcinoma and other advanced solid

  • 14 May, 2022
  • 3 locations
Safety, PK and Efficacy of ONC-392 in Monotherapy and in Combination of Anti-PD-1 in Advanced Solid Tumors and NSCLC (PRESERVE-001)

This is a First-in-Human Phase IA/IB/II open label dose escalation study of intravenous (IV) administration of ONC-392, a humanized anti-CTLA4 IgG1 monoclonal antibody, as single agent and in combination with pembrolizumab in participants with advanced or metastatic solid tumors and non-small cell lung cancers.

serum pregnancy test
international normalized ratio
ovarian cancer
  • 25 Jul, 2022
  • 25 locations