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Role of Toilet Bronchoscopy in RICU

Toilet bronchoscopy is a potentially therapeutic intervention to aspirate retained secretions within the endotracheal tube and airways and revert atelectasis. Aspiration of airway secretions is the most common indication to perform a therapeutic bronchoscopy in the intensive care unit (ICU) . Toilet bronchoscopy is particularly beneficial when retained secretions are …

  • 27 Apr, 2022
  • 1 location
Autoinflation: Alternative in the Treatment of Otitis Media With Effusion (OME)

Otitis media with effusion is a common finding affecting children and the main cause of acquired hearing loss in the pediatric age. The main objective of this work is to develop a new standardized, inexpensive and simple device and evaluate the results of autoinflation, a non-invasive treatment, in improving hearing …

hearing loss
hard of hearing
serous otitis media
Accepts healthy volunteers
  • 18 Apr, 2022
Validation of an Artificial Intelligence System Based on Raman Spectroscopy for Diagnosis of Gastric Premalignant Lesions and Early Gastric Cancer

Early detection and treatment of gastric premalignant lesion and early gastric cancer (EGC) have been proposed to improve outcomes of gastric cancer. Gastric dysplasia is a premalignant lesion and the penultimate stage in gastric carcinogenesis. On white light endoscopy (WLE), it is difficult to distinguish gastric dysplasia and EGC from …

  • 11 May, 2021
  • 1 location