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Study to Assess the Efficacy and Safety of 2 Dosage Regimens of Oral IPN60130 for the Treatment of Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva (FOP). (FALKON)

Ossification (HO). It is often associated with painful, recurrent episodes of soft tissue swelling (flare-ups) that lead to abnormal stiffening and immobility (ankyloses) of major joints with cumulative and

  • 17 Jun, 2022
  • 12 locations
Twice Against Thrice-weekly Hemodialysis (TATH)

sessions between the two arms, mainly those due to pulmonary edema and hyperkalemia, b) to compare the number of hospitalizations and duration of stay, c) to compare the rate of uncontrolled hypertension

chronic renal failure
renal replacement therapy
chronic hemodialysis
  • 26 Feb, 2022
  • 1 location
Hemodynamic Optimization of Cerebral Perfusion After Endovascular Therapy in Patients With Acute Ischemic Stroke

. Moreover, this individualized treatment would allow to decrease reperfusion injury and therefore decrease the risk of intracerebral bleeding complications and cerebral edema. Therefore, we designed a

  • 01 Oct, 2021
  • 1 location
Imatinib in Acute Ischaemic Stroke

A clinical trial comparing treatment with Imatinib to placebo when administered within 8 hours of stroke onset for 6 days, in addition to conventional stroke treatment after acute ischaemic stroke.

  • 15 Feb, 2022
  • 13 locations
Safety and Immunogenicity of RSVpreF Coadministered With SIIV in Adults ≥65 Years of Age

The purpose of this study is to assess the safety and immunogenicity of RSVpreF when coadministered with SIIV compared to sequential administration of the vaccines when given 1 month apart (SIIV followed by RSVpreF). Additionally, the study will contribute data supporting the development of RSVpreF as a prophylactic vaccine against …

Accepts healthy volunteers
  • 19 Jun, 2022
  • 28 locations
Clinical Trials of the Consistency and Non-inferiority Bridging Between Batches of Recombinant New Coronavirus Vaccine (CHO Cells)

Popular topic:Clinical trials of the consistency and non-inferiority bridging between batches of recombinant new coronavirus vaccine (CHO cells) Research purpose:Main purpose:1)To evaluate the interbatch consistency of immunogenicity of three batches of recombinant Novel Coronavirus vaccine (CHO cells) following process validation in 18-59 year olds. 2)To evaluate the non-inferiority of immunogenicity …

Accepts healthy volunteers
  • 31 Oct, 2021
  • 1 location
Anatomical Radiological and Biomechanical Examination of Athletic Groin Pain Patients and Physical Therapy Intervention

Athletic groin pain (AGP) is a chronic condition common in multi-directional sports (Walden et al. 2007, Robinson et al. 2004, Murphy et al. 2012). It is a complex injury with a challenging diagnosis. Dramatic differences in the anatomical diagnoses of AGP cohorts exist in the literature (Renstrom et al. 1980, …

  • 21 Jan, 2021
  • 1 location
Speeding the Weaning up: Aggressive Screening Criteria and Higher Minimal Ventilatory Settings.

Hypothesis In patients with less than 4 high risk factors for reintubation excluding body mass index >30 and hypercapnia during the spontaneous breathing trial (SBT) (low and intermediate risk for extubation failure), who receive preventive therapy with high flow nasal cannula (HFNC), the use of SBT with "HIGH minimal ventilator …

  • 03 May, 2021
  • 1 location
Wireless TENS for Peripheral Edema (Lower Limb Swelling)

This study is single center, subject will receive a wireless TENS device. All subjects will be allowed to keep the commercially-available device for use after the study. The primary goal is to test the feasibility of the study design and secondary is to test the preliminary efficacy of the TENS.

  • 25 Nov, 2021
  • 1 location
Effect of Enhanced Sweat Rate on the Safety and Edema Status of Chronic Edematous Patients

The purpose of this study is to demonstrate safety and performance of AquaPass System for enhancing fluid transfer through the skin, by increased sweat rate, in edematous patients.

  • 28 Jul, 2021
  • 1 location