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Standard-Dose Combination Chemotherapy or High-Dose Combination Chemotherapy and Stem Cell Transplant in Treating Patients With Relapsed or Refractory Germ Cell Tumors

This randomized phase III trial studies how well standard-dose combination chemotherapy works compared to high-dose combination chemotherapy and stem cell transplant in treating patients with germ cell tumors that have returned after a period of improvement or did not respond to treatment. Drugs used in chemotherapy, such as paclitaxel, ifosfamide, …

human chorionic gonadotropin
stem cell transplantation
high-dose chemotherapy
tumor markers
  • 25 Jul, 2022
  • 91 locations
Active Surveillance, Bleomycin, Etoposide, Carboplatin or Cisplatin in Treating Pediatric and Adult Patients With Germ Cell Tumors

This phase III trial studies how well active surveillance, bleomycin, etoposide, carboplatin or cisplatin work in treating pediatric and adult patients with germ cell tumors. Active surveillance may help doctors to monitor subjects with low risk germ cell tumors after their tumor is removed. Drugs used in chemotherapy, such as …

human chorionic gonadotropin
tumor markers
renal function
  • 29 Jul, 2022
  • 344 locations
Nivolumab and Ipilimumab in Treating Patients With Rare Tumors

) Choriocarcinoma (closed to accrual) Transitional cell carcinoma other than that of the renal, pelvis, ureter, or bladder (closed to accrual) Cell tumor of the testes and extragonadal germ

brain metastases
systemic therapy
  • 10 Aug, 2022
  • 752 locations
A Study of a New Way to Treat Children and Young Adults With a Brain Tumor Called NGGCT

This phase II trial studies the best approach to combine chemotherapy and radiation therapy (RT) based on the patient's response to induction chemotherapy in patients with non-germinomatous germ cell tumors (NGGCT) that have not spread to other parts of the brain or body (localized). This study has 2 goals: 1) …

human chorionic gonadotropin
stem cell transplantation
brain tumor
  • 20 Jul, 2022
  • 32 locations
Biweekly Actinomycin-D Treatment or Multi-day Methotrexate Protocol in Low-risk Gestational Trophoblastic Neoplasia

The investigators conducted a randomized trial to study how well multi-day methotrexate protocol works compared to biweekly single-dose actinomycin D protocol in treating patients with low-risk gestational trophoblastic neoplasia. It is not yet known whether multi-day methotrexate protocol is as effective as biweekly single-dose actinomycin D protocol in treating patients …

serum bilirubin
  • 24 Nov, 2021
  • 1 location
Combination of Methotrexate(MTX) and Actinomycin(ACTD) in the Low Risk Gestational Trophoblastic Neoplasma GTN Patients With Score of 5-6

In this study, a prospective, multicenter randomized controlled study was conducted to compare the clinical efficacy and toxicity response of combination MTX+ACTD multi-course regimen in low-risk GTN patients with score 5-6 with standard MTX single-drug multi-course regimen.

  • 23 Jan, 2021
  • 1 location
The French National Reference Centre of GTD

months,) or if a neoplasia is anatomopathologically diagnosed (choriocarcinoma, PSTT or ETT), physician is immediately contacted by phone or email by referent gynaecologist. A complete work up including

human chorionic gonadotrophin
chest radiography
trophoblastic disease
hydatidiform mole
  • 21 Jan, 2021
  • 1 location