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Fox Insight - Online Parkinson's Health and Genetic Study

Fox Insight is an online study gathering health information from tens of thousands of people with and without Parkinson’s disease.  Study participation does not require any travel and

Online studies
  • 10 Dec, 2021
  • 1 location
  • Online study
Featured trial
A Ten-Week Online Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Intervention for Family Caregivers of People With Dementia

The randomized controlled trial aims to assess effects of a coach-guided ten-week online acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) intervention on distressed family caregivers of people with dementia (PwD) compared to the control group. A total of 64 family caregivers of PwD who meet the inclusion criteria will be recruited and …

  • 06 May, 2022
  • 1 location
Food & You: A Healthy Diet Through Algorithms (FoodAndYou)

Food & You is a large-scale citizen science research project in Switzerland. With this project, the researchers want to confirm that individuals respond differently to food, that is, that the blood sugar response (the level of sugar in the blood after a meal) varies among individuals, even after consumption of …

Accepts healthy volunteers
  • 17 Jun, 2022
  • 1 location
Wireless TENS for Peripheral Edema (Lower Limb Swelling)

This study is single center, subject will receive a wireless TENS device. All subjects will be allowed to keep the commercially-available device for use after the study. The primary goal is to

  • 25 Nov, 2021
  • 1 location
Testing the Effects of Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) on Chemotherapy-Induced Peripheral Neuropathy (CIPN)

This phase II trial studies the effects of transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) for the treatment of peripheral neuropathy caused by chemotherapy, often called chemotherapy-induced

spinal cord
vinca alkaloid
peripheral neuropathy
  • 05 Mar, 2022
  • 15 locations
Comparative Study of the Efficacy of TENS Versus Placebo in Isolated Primary Enuresis (TENS-Enuresis)

. TENS (Transcutaneous Electro Neuro Stimulation) is a neuro-modulation technique which consists of stimulating the nerves by means of skin electrodes in order to obtain a somatic response.

  • 13 May, 2022
  • 1 location
The Role of Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) for Menstrual Pain Relief

The present study aims to verify the analgesic potential of a transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) device using patients with primary dysmenorrhea and compare it with a control

Accepts healthy volunteers
  • 05 Jun, 2022
Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation for Endometriosis-related Chronic Pain

The study evaluates the effect of TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) as add-on treatment compared with conventional analgesic treatment in patients with endometriosis-related

  • 15 Dec, 2021
  • 1 location
Efficacy of Acupuncture in Patients With Lower Extremity Amputation With Neuroma

relaxation), TENS, biofeedback, hypnosis, acupuncture, psychotherapy, mirror therapy can be used in the treatment of neuropathic pain in amputees. In this study, the investigators aimed to examine the

  • 25 Mar, 2022
  • 1 location
Pain in Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

changes in the perception of pain in patients with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS), and whether this perception can be affected by treatment with transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS

  • 23 Jul, 2021
  • 1 location