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A listing of Williamston, South Carolina clinical trials actively recruiting patient volunteers.

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Study to Investigate CSL112 in Subjects With Acute Coronary Syndrome

This is a phase 3, multicenter, double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled, parallel-group study to evaluate the efficacy and safety of CSL112 on reducing the risk of major adverse CV events [MACE - cardiovascular (CV) death, myocardial infarction (MI), and stroke] in subjects with acute coronary syndrome (ACS) diagnosed with either ST-segment elevation …

myocardial infarction
percutaneous coronary intervention
arterial disease
8400591 - AnMed Health Medical Center
 (9.4 away) Contact site
  • 18 Jun, 2021
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A Study of Guselkumab in Participants With Moderately to Severely Active Ulcerative Colitis

The purpose of this study is to evaluate the efficacy and safety of guselkumab in participants with moderately to severely active ulcerative colitis (UC).

medical therapy
Synexus Clinical Research US, Inc
 (9.4 away) Contact site
  • 16 Jun, 2021
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A Study to Assess the Efficacy and Safety of Budesonide/Albuterol Metered-dose Inhaler (BDA MDI/PT027) in Adults and Children 4 Years of Age or Older With Asthma

This is a randomized, double-blind, multicenter, parallel-group, variable-length study to compare 2 doses of BDA MDI (PT027) with AS MDI (PT007) on the time to first severe asthma exacerbation in adult, adolescent, and pediatric subjects with moderate to severe asthma.

muscarinic antagonists
forced expiratory volume
leukotriene receptor antagonist
Research Site
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  • 12 Mar, 2021
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Genetic Testing in Screening Patients With Stage IB-IIIA Non-small Cell Lung Cancer That Has Been or Will Be Removed by Surgery (The ALCHEMIST Screening Trial)

This ALCHEMIST trial studies genetic testing in screening patients with stage IB-IIIA non-small cell lung cancer that has been or will be removed by surgery. Studying the genes in a patient's tumor cells may help doctors select the best treatment for patients that have certain genetic changes.

squamous cell carcinoma
AnMed Health Cancer Center
 (9.4 away) Contact site
  • 17 Jun, 2021
  • +1134 other locations
Doxorubicin Hydrochloride and Cyclophosphamide Followed by Paclitaxel With or Without Carboplatin in Treating Patients With Triple-Negative Breast Cancer

This randomized phase III trial studies how well doxorubicin hydrochloride and cyclophosphamide followed by paclitaxel with or without carboplatin work in treating patients with triple-negative breast cancer. Drugs used in chemotherapy, such as doxorubicin hydrochloride, cyclophosphamide, paclitaxel, and carboplatin, work in different ways to stop the growth of tumor cells, …

metastatic disease
carcinoma in situ
neutrophil count
ductal carcinoma
AnMed Health Cancer Center
 (9.4 away) Contact site
  • 24 Jan, 2021
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Targeted Therapy Directed by Genetic Testing in Treating Patients With Advanced Refractory Solid Tumors Lymphomas or Multiple Myeloma (The MATCH Screening Trial)

This phase II MATCH trial studies how well treatment that is directed by genetic testing works in patients with solid tumors or lymphomas that have progressed following at least one line of standard treatment or for which no agreed upon treatment approach exists. Genetic tests look at the unique genetic …

human immunodeficiency virus
brain metastases
metastatic disease
neutrophil count
AnMed Health Cancer Center
 (9.4 away) Contact site
  • 17 Jun, 2021
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A Study to Evaluate the Efficacy Immune Response and Safety of a COVID-19 Vaccine in Adults 18 Years With a Pediatric Expansion in Adolescents (12-17 Years) at Risk for SARS-CoV-2

This is a study to evaluate the effectiveness, immune response, and safety of a coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) vaccine called SARS-CoV-2 rS with Matrix-M1 adjuvant in adults 18 years of age and older with a pediatric expansion in adolescents (12 to 17 years) in the United States and Mexico. A …

Synexus Clinical Research US, Inc.
 (9.4 away) Contact site
  • 13 May, 2021
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EMPACT-MI: A Study to Test Whether Empagliflozin Can Lower the Risk of Heart Failure and Death in People Who Had a Heart Attack (Myocardial Infarction)

This is a study in adults who had a heart attack (myocardial infarction). The purpose of this study is to find out whether a medicine called empagliflozin helps to lower the chances of having to go to the hospital for heart failure and whether it lowers the chances of dying …

heart failure
st elevation myocardial infarction
myocardial infarction
acute myocardial infarction
AnMed Health Clinical Research
 (9.4 away) Contact site
  • 12 Jun, 2021
  • +66 other locations
A Study of Mirikizumab (LY3074828) in Participants With Crohn's Disease

The reason for this study is to see if the study drug mirikizumab is safe and effective in participants with moderately to severely active Crohn's disease.

crohn's disease
Radiant Research
 (9.4 away) Contact site
  • 16 Jun, 2021
  • +976 other locations
Lung-MAP: A Master Screening Protocol for Previously-Treated Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer

This screening and multi-sub-study randomized phase II/III trial will establish a method for genomic screening of similar large cancer populations followed by assigning and accruing simultaneously to a multi-sub-study hybrid Master Protocol (Lung-MAP). The type of cancer trait (biomarker) will determine to which sub-study, within this protocol, a participant will …

AnMed Health Cancer Center
 (9.4 away) Contact site
  • 10 May, 2021
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