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A listing of Hardwick,, United Kingdom clinical trials actively recruiting patients volunteers.

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Adaprev in Digital Flexor Tendon Repair

This study is being undertaken to verify the safety and performance of Adaprev™, a Class III medical device, when administered as a short term implant into the tendon sheath at the time of surgery, on the post-operative function of severed digital tendons. Subjects are randomised to either Adaprev or standard …

tendon repair
Mr P Gillespie
 (6.1 away) Contact site
  • 08 Nov, 2020
  • +5 other locations
Transfusion Alternatives Pre-Operatively in Sickle Cell Disease (TAPS)

TAPS is a sequential trial which aims to investigate whether the administration of a blood transfusion pre-operatively to patients with sickle cell disease (HB SS or Hb SB0 thal)having low or medium risk elective surgery increases or decreases the overall rate of peri-operative complications. The proportion of patients with peri-operative …

blood transfusion
hemoglobin s
NBS/MRC Clinical Studies Unit, National Blood Service
 (5.3 away) Contact site
  • 07 Nov, 2020
  • 1 location
Trial of a Breathlessness Intervention Service for Intractable Breathlessness

The aim of this study is to evaluate the impact of a Breathlessness Intervention Service (BIS) on the quality of life of patients and families affected by intractable breathlessness. The questions to be addressed by this research are: 1. Is BIS more effective than standard care for patients with intractable …

Addenbrooke's Hospital
 (6.1 away) Contact site
  • 07 Nov, 2020
  • 1 location
Ghrelin in Cystic Fibrosis

Background to ghrelin Ghrelin is a naturally occurring hormone found in the blood which stimulates appetite. In healthy individuals, levels of ghrelin are high before a meal and falls afterwards. Previous studies have shown that giving ghrelin (by injection) to thin patients with renal failure and cancer increases their food …

genetic disorder
pulmonary function test
Papworth Hospital NHs Foundation Trust
 (5.9 away) Contact site
  • 07 Nov, 2020
  • 1 location
Abiraterone Acetate in Combination With Tildrakizumab

The purpose of this study is to find out the side effects and safety of a combination of the anti-IL23 targeting monoclonal antibody tildrakizumab in combination with abiraterone acetate in men with metastatic castration resistant prostate cancer and to determine the most appropriate dose of this combination. In the Phase …

Addenbrooke's Hospital
 (4.5 away) Contact site
  • 27 Jan, 2021
  • +6 other locations
CM-101 in PSC Patients -The SPRING Study

This study is designed to assess the safety, tolerability and activity of CM-101 in patients with Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis (PSC).

Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust - Addenbrookes Hospital - site P09
 (4.8 away) Contact site
  • 11 Sep, 2021
  • +17 other locations
The Use of Biomarkers to Guide Management of Patients Treated With Radiofrequency Ablation for Early Oesophageal Neoplasia

This prospective cohort study aims to assess the utility of a panel of molecular biomarkers for predicting the risk of relapse of Barrett's Oesophagus after endoscopic treatment of early oesophageal neoplasia with RadioFrequency Ablation (RFA). Patients who received endoscopic treatment of early oesophageal neoplasia with RFA and achieved endoscopic remission …

MRC Cancer Unit
 (6.0 away) Contact site
  • 26 Jan, 2021
  • 1 location
Positioning Imatinib for Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension

Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension (PAH) is a rare condition in which a narrowing of blood vessels carrying blood through the lungs puts an increased work load on the heart; it has to work harder to pump blood through the lungs. While current treatments relieve some of the symptoms, they do not …

Royal Papworth Hospital, Royal Papworth Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
 (6.0 away) Contact site
  • 14 Jun, 2021
  • +7 other locations
The Effect of Higher Protein Dosing in Critically Ill Patients

The investigator will investigate the effects of higher protein/amino acid dosing (2.2 g/kg/d) vs usual protein/amino acid dosing (1.2 g/kg/d) on clinical outcomes in nutritionally high risk ill patients.

severe malnutrition
amino acids
Addenbrooke's Hospital
 (4.5 away) Contact site
  • 02 Jul, 2021
  • +93 other locations
Study Assessing The "Best of" Radiotherapy vs the "Best of" Surgery in Patients With Oropharyngeal Carcinoma

Oropharyngeal Squamous Cell Carcinoma (OPSCC) arises in the soft palate, tonsils, base of tongue, pharyngeal wall, and the vallecula. Most of the patients with early stage OPSCC are usually cured. Treatment of early stage OPSCC can be successfully achieved with primary surgery including neck dissection, as indicated, or with definitive …

neutrophil count
squamous cell carcinoma
robotic surgery
neck dissection
Cambridge University Hospital NHS - Addenbrookes Hospital
 (4.8 away) Contact site
  • 14 May, 2021
  • +31 other locations