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Liuying Township, Taiwan Clinical Trials

A listing of Liuying Township, Taiwan clinical trials actively recruiting patients volunteers.


Found (46) clinical trials

Role of CYP2C19 Polymorphism in the Drug Interaction Between Clopidogrel and Omeprazole

Clopidogrel, an inhibitor of ADP induced platelet aggregation and activation, is one of the most commonly used drugs in patients with cardiovascular disease; coronary-stenting would not be possible without the robust anti platelet function of this drug. Clopidogrel is a pro-drug that is transformed through a series of hepatic cytochrome ...


Pertussis Immunization During Pregnancy: Effect in Term and Preterm Infants

Young infants are most vulnerable to severe disease and even death when infected with Bordetella Pertussis. The current vaccines and vaccination programs do not guarantee protection of neonates. During the last weeks of pregnancy, maternal IgG antibodies are transferred actively to the fetus. Administration of a pertussis containing vaccine during ...


HIV-DNA Dynamics in HIV Monoinfected or HIV/HCV Coinfected Patients

New markers of viral activity are now under investigation. Besides HIV-RNA and CD4 cells count, HIV-DNA is an emerging marker of viral reservoir, that seems to be associated with the risk of HIV-related diseases, especially in HCV coinfected patients. New antiretroviral drugs, particularly integrase inhibitors, are expected to decrease residual ...


Collaborative Wilms Tumour Africa Project

Patients are treated according to standard care. Data are documented on presentation at diagnosis, response of the tumor, findings at surgery and pathology, treatment given and outcome of the patients.


Anti TNF Improves Endothelial Dysfunction in IBD Patients

Crohn's Disease (CD) is a life long disease that mainly affects young adults. There is evidence That gut tissue injury is the result of an abnormal immune response that involved multiple non immune cellular systems including the intestinal microvascular endothelial cell. Moreover, clinical studies have shown that 1-7% of irritable ...


Assessment of Changes in Metabolic Activity in Liver & Skeletal Muscle in Patients Suffering From Acromegaly

Background: Growth hormone (GH) plays a pivotal role in the regulation of body composition including ectopic lipid deposition in insulin sensitive organs like liver and skeletal muscle. Direct inhibition of growth hormone action by a receptor antagonist has been shown to induce hepatic steatosis and growth hormone replacement decreases liver ...


AAA Registry: Clinical Outcomes of Highly Angulated anatomY Treated With the Aorfix Stent Graft

The ARCHYTAS Registry is a long-term, global, multicenter, non-randomized, prospective, registry established by Lombard Medical Ltd. (Lombard) to collect "on-label" data in real world clinical settings on patients undergoing endovascular repair with the latest generation Aorfix AAA Flexible Stent Graft System, for treatment of abdominal aortic and aorto-iliac aneurysms in ...


Safety Study of Enoxaparin Prophylaxis in Critically Ill Adults With Severe Renal Insufficiency

Objectives To determine the feasibility of conducting a single centre, open-label, prospective study to inform preparation for a prospective phase III study evaluating the efficacy & safety of enoxaparin prophylaxis in critically ill adults with creatinine clearance < 30 mL/min. Study Design: A pilot open-label, single-arm, prospective study. Patients Critically ...


CARdioprotection in Myocardial Infarction

In the setting of research in ischemic cardiomyopathy, the CARIM cohort aims to meet the expectation and strategy of Aviesan (Alliance nationale pour les sciences de la VIE et de la SANt) since it will address the underlying pathophysiology of the determinants of MI injury and its impact on follow-up, ...


Difference of Gastric Microbiota in the Process of Correa's Model.

Helicobater pylori plays an important role in the development of gastric cancer. Eradication therapy can reducing the morbidity of gastric cancer, but can't totally prevent it especially when atrophy and more serious precancerous lesions already happened. Prior studies found the gastric bacterial difference among gastritis, intestinal metaplasia and gastric cancer. ...