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Liuying Township, Taiwan Clinical Trials

A listing of Liuying Township, Taiwan clinical trials actively recruiting patients volunteers.

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Myocardial Injury and Severe Pneumococcal Pneumonia

Area: Intensive care unit (ICU) of the participating hospitals. Patients: Forty patients with CAP without heart disease history will be included consecutively (20 patients with pneumococcal CAP and 20 patients with non-pneumococcal CAP).Ten healthy volunteers (controls) are included. Variables: Epidemiological, clinical and hemodynamic variables are recorded. Presence of MI and ...

Phase N/A

Evaluation of the Long-term Tolerance of Proton Pump Inhibitor (PPI) Discontinuation in Geriatric Patients Treated With Long-term Therapy Without a Recognized Indication

Professor Sylvie Legrain, in a 2005 HAS report, described that "Better prescribing in the elderly is thus a public health issue. "Indeed, although multi-medication in the elderly is often justified, it increases the risk of drug iatrogeny, reduces compliance and has a significant cost to society. In this report, it ...

Phase N/A

Study of the Fetal and Maternal Microbiota in Preganant Women With Fetal Defect Growth

It is an observational and prospective study to determine the influence of the gastrointestinal microbiome on the intrauterine growth restriction (IUGR). For this purpose, investigators are planning to recruit 63 women with a diagnoses of IUGR and 63 pregnant women with a normal intrauterine growth. Samples will be taken during ...

Phase N/A

MRI to Assess the Effect of Terlipressin in Patients With Acute Hepatorenal Syndrome (HRS-AKI)

HRS is divided into two types. A chronic kidney failure (HRS-2), which is predominantly related to end-stage disease and a more acute kidney failure (HRS-AKI). HRS-AKI is potentially reversible and develops subsequent to aggravation of a systemic circulatory vasodilatation, that triggers renal vasoconstriction and deteriorates renal perfusion and function. The ...

Phase N/A

A Study on the Heat Transport Characteristics of Meridian Phenomenon for the Heart and Lung Meridians Based on Patients With Stable Angina Pectoris

This study will include 40 patients diagnosed with chronic stable angina pectoris (CSAP) and 40 healthy volunteers. Infrared thermal imaging will be adopted to assess the heat transport characteristics of meridian phenomenon for Heart and Lung meridians in the physiology/pathological state. In addition, by comparing the heat transport characteristics in ...

Phase N/A

Early Activation of Artificial Urinary Sphincter

This study is a single institute prospective study with patients undergoing artificial urinary sphincter placement by the operating surgeon, Dr. Joshua Lohri at Charleston Area Medical Center in Charleston, WV. Any male patients with moderate to severe urinary incontinence who have been treated for prostate cancer (radical prostatectomy, External Beam ...

Phase N/A

Tracking Mutations in Cell Free Tumour DNA to Predict Relapse in Early Colorectal Cancer

Circulating cell free tumour DNA (ctDNA) maintains the same mutations that are present in tumour. In colorectal cancer, primary tumours & metastases exhibit high genomic concordance. Therefore the TRACC study is investigating whether in patients with stage II and III colorectal cancer that have undergone potentially curative surgery, blood samples ...

Phase N/A

Development and Validation of Family Adjustment Inventory

FAI was developed in two different forms: for parents with one children suffering from a chronic disease or ill children who has siblings younger than 3 years old - FAI-O (only child); for parents with at least two children, the brother/sister of the ill child has 3 years or more- ...

Phase N/A

FuRST 2.0 Cognitive Pre-testing - Round 2

The study is a single, cross-sectional cognitive interview of FuRST 2.0, functional rating scale, administered to forty Huntington's Disease Gene Expansion Carriers (HDGECs) and potentially, their companions (the companion's participation is optional in this study). The scale will be tested as a patient reported outcome (PRO) in that the information ...

Phase N/A

Northern Survey on Therapeutic Oxygen Prescription

This is a prospective multicenter observational trial. Included patients and attending physician complete a standardized questionnaire.

Phase N/A