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Liuying Township, Taiwan Clinical Trials

A listing of Liuying Township, Taiwan clinical trials actively recruiting patients volunteers.


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The study purpose is to examine whether there are structural or functional differences in the brains of individuals who use cocaine or amphetamines as opposed to control participants who have never used cocaine or amphetamines. More specifically, it will allow the investigator to see how the brain changes once people ...

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Comparison of QoL Between Trabectedin/PLD and Standard Platinum-based Therapy in Patients With Platinum Sensitive Recurrent Ovarian Cancer

This is a multicenter, randomized, controlled, open-label study including patients with recurrent, platinum-sensitive, ovarian, peritoneal or fallopian tube cancer. The main scope of the trial is to evaluate QoL during chemotherapy comparing trabectedin/PLD with other standard platinum-based chemotherapy in platinum-sensitive disease. Patients with recurrent, platinum-sensitive, ovarian, fallopian tube and peritoneal ...

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China Ovarian Cancer BRCA Testing Study

This is a prospective, multi-center, observational study that will enroll consecutive patients with a confirmed diagnosis of epithelial ovarian cancer, fallopian tube, or peritoneal cancer and who consent to a blood draw, a tissue sample analysis, and follow up for collection of data. 900 newly diagnosed ovarian cancer patients will ...

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Factors Associated With the Use of a High Volume Cancer Center by Black Women With Ovarian Cancer: A Qualitative Study

The purpose of this study is to explore the experiences of Black women who receive care for ovarian cancer at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, or "MSK" for short. The study consists of interviews with Black women who recently obtained some part of their ovarian cancer care at MSK.

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Fluid Balance During Surgery for Ovarian Cancer

Extensive tumour debulking challenges both surgeon and anaesthesiologist but promotes survival in late-stage ovarian cancer patients. Little is known about the intraoperative fluid balance and its impact on morbidity and mortality.

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Ovarian Malignancy Incidence in Moderate Risk Women With Low CA 125

About 10% of premenopausal women may have a surgery for ovarian masses. In premenopausal women the incidence of ovarian malignancy is 1:1000 in case of symptomatic ovarian cyst.1 CA125 is unreliable in differentiating benign from malignant ovarian mass in premenopausal women due to many false positive results and reduced specificity.1 ...

Phase N/A

Prehabilitation Care for Women With Advanced Ovarian Cancer Receiving Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy

The purpose of this study is evaluate whether a prehabilitation program is feasible and useful for women with advanced ovarian cancer receiving chemotherapy in preparation for debulking surgery.

Phase N/A

Cancer Loyalty Card Study

Purpose and Design The Cancer Loyalty Card Study (CLOCS) is addressing whether or not data already collected by high street retailers can detect significant changes in purchase behaviours of ovarian cancer patients prior to their diagnosis. The investigators aim to conduct a case-control study of ovarian cancer patients matched with ...

Phase N/A

The Role of Cytomegalovirus and Inflammation on Patient Symptoms and Outcomes in Ovarian Cancer

Cytomegalovirus (CMV), a widely prevalent virus in the general US population, has been shown to be associated with increased inflammation and mortality. Previous small pilot studies have demonstrated that latent CMV may be reactivated during chemotherapy in cancer patients, and may be associated with unfavorable cancer outcomes such as fatigue ...

Phase N/A

Studying DNA in Patients With Stage I Stage II Stage III or Stage IV Ovarian Epithelial Cancer

OBJECTIVES: - To determine if DNA methylation patterns and expression of differentially methylated genes taken before chemotherapy can predict patient outcome with regard to progression-free survival. - To evaluate whether DNA methylation can predict response assessed by RECIST criteria and CA 125 response. - To evaluate the specificity and sensitivity ...

Phase N/A