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Liuying Township, Taiwan Clinical Trials

A listing of Liuying Township, Taiwan clinical trials actively recruiting patients volunteers.


Found (27) clinical trials

Fitusiran Prophylaxis in Male Pediatric Subjects Aged 1 to Less Than 12 Years With Hemophilia A or B

Study duration per participant is approximately 160 weeks, including a 12-week fitusiran efficacy period


Givinostat in Duchenne's Muscular Dystrophy Long-term Safety and Tolerability Study

GIVINOSTAT oral suspension (10 mg/mL) has to be administered orally as 2 oral doses daily while the subject is in a fed state. The starting dose of GIVINOSTAT in the present long term study will be the same that the subject was receiving at the end of the previous DMD …


MRI-Mapped Dose-Escalated Salvage Radiotherapy Post-Prostatectomy: The MAPS Trial

Phase 3 arms I (SSRT) and II (MTSRT) were closed. Study recruitment was suspended until re-opening as a single-arm Phase 2 (MTSRT) study.


Antiandrogen Therapy and Radiation Therapy With or Without Docetaxel in Treating Patients With Prostate Cancer That Has Been Removed by Surgery

PRIMARY OBJECTIVES: I. To assess the benefit of docetaxel as measured by improvement in freedom from progression (phase II) and subsequently metastasis free survival (phase III) when given in combination with radiation and androgen deprivation in treatment of high risk prostate cancer post-radical prostatectomy. SECONDARY OBJECTIVES: I. To assess overall …


A Clinical Trial of Retinal Gene Therapy for X-linked Retinitis Pigmentosa

This is a Phase 1/2/3, first-in-human, multi-centre, dose-escalation interventional study of AAV8-RPGR in male subjects with genetically confirmed XLRP. Part I is a dose-selection study; Part II is a dose-expansion study, comparing 2 doses, and a third untreated group to allow for a controlled comparison of efficacy and safety.


68Ga-PSMA-11 PET/MRI in Finding Tumors in Patients With Intermediate or High-Risk Prostate Cancer Undergoing Surgery

PRIMARY OBJECTIVES: To evaluate 68Ga PSMA 11 PET/MRI for detection of regional nodal and distant metastases in patients with intermediate and high risk prostate cancer scheduled to undergo prostatectomy with lymph node dissection. Sensitivity, specificity, positive and negative predictive value of 68Ga PSMA 11 PET/MRI for the detection of regional …


Intracavernous Injection of Botox 100 U for Treatment of PDE5Is Inconvenient Patients With ED

Background: Direct Intracavernosal injections of vasoactive agents to treat erectile dysfunction were first described in 1982 using papaverine. Later on many agents have been introduced for ICI. one of most newly introduced ICI agents for treatment of ED is Botulinum Toxin Type A. Purpose: The aim of this study will …


A Trial of Immunotherapy Strategies in Metastatic Hormone-sensitive Prostate Cancer

Metastatic prostate cancer is an incurable disease that typically spreads beyond the prostate. The standard of care is to systemically treat the disease with androgen deprivation therapy (ADT). However, the disease progresses in virtually all patients to the state of castration resistant prostate cancer (CRPC), with a median time to …


A Long-Term Follow-Up Study of Haemophilia B Patients Who Have Undergone Gene Therapy

Severe haemophilia B (HB) is a bleeding disorder where a protein made by the body to help make blood clot is either partly or completely missing. This protein is called a clotting factor with severe HB, levels of clotting Factor IX (nine FIX) are very low and affected individuals can …


Lubricant Investigation in Men to Inhibit Transmission of HPV Infection

Human papillomavirus (HPV) inhibitory compounds might be useful as topical microbicides for blocking the spread of HPV. Recent in-vitro and in-vivo laboratory studies have demonstrated the strong inhibitory properties of carrageenan (an inexpensive gelling agent that is non-toxic and safe in animals and humans) against all HPV types. So far, …