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Liuying Township, Taiwan Clinical Trials

A listing of Liuying Township, Taiwan clinical trials actively recruiting patients volunteers.


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Subjects will be evaluated via both in-clinic and at-home assessments. The in-clinic assessments are designed to compare the ability of current Parkinson disease clinical trial measures with the ability of mobile and wearable devices to detect disease progression in the early stage of disease. The at-home assessments are designed to …

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The study purpose is to examine whether there are structural or functional differences in the brains of individuals who use cocaine or amphetamines as opposed to control participants who have never used cocaine or amphetamines. More specifically, it will allow the investigator to see how the brain changes once people …

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Natural History Physiology Microbiome and Biochemistry Studies of Propionic Acidemia

Propionic acidemia (PA) is one of the most common inborn errors of organic acid metabolism. Although this disorder is now routinely detected in the immediate neonatal period on the US newborn screen, clinical outcomes are poor despite timely and aggressive medical intervention [Kolker, Cazorla, et al 2015; Leonard et al …

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Imaging Biomarker for Addiction Treatment Outcome

Objective Despite recent advance in addiction neuroscience, achieving a breakthrough in predicting addiction treatment outcome has been difficult and long-term abstinence success unacceptably low. The aim of this study is to create a biomarker using various neuroimaging metrics that can predict treatment outcome in opioid and alcohol use disorder patients. …

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Post Marketing Surveillance of Nintedanib in Indian Patients With Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis

This is an active surveillance study to monitor the real world safety of nintedanib in Indian patients with Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis. The safety of nintedanib has been assessed in clinical trials.This active surveillance aims to collect the safety data of 200 IPF patients treated with nintedanib in approved indication after …

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Genetics of Severe Early Onset Epilepsies

Many children with epilepsy experience seizures which respond well to treatment. A few types of epilepsy, however, are characterized by seizures which begin very early in childhood and are associated with severe intellectual and/or developmental disabilities. These conditions, known as progressive epileptic encephalopathies, are particularly severe and are often difficult …

Phase N/A

FASENRA SCEI for Long-term Use

The purpose of the investigation is to confirm the followings under the post-marketing actual long-term use of FASENRA Subcutaneous Injection 30 mg Syringe. Detection of unexpected Adverse Drug Reactions To grasp development of Adverse Drug Reactions To grasp contributing factors possibly having an impact on the safety and efficacy Development …

Phase N/A

Identifying Barriers and Strategies to Support Self-efficacy for Medication Adherence With Text Messaging

The investigators will explore barriers to improving self-efficacy, or the ability to feel in control of their disease, and medication adherence with text messaging through surveys and interviews with adolescents and adults with SCD cared for at the Vanderbilt Meharry Center of Excellence (VMCE) in Sickle Cell Disease (SCD). The …

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Analyzing Retinal Microanatomy in ROP

Retinopathy of prematurity (ROP) is a disorder of development of the neural retina and its vasculature that may impact vision in vulnerable preterm neonates for a lifetime. Clinical care of infants with ROP decreases the likelihood of blindness, but abnormal vision is common, especially in those with disease severe enough …

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