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A, Katowice N Clinical Trials

A listing of A, Katowice N clinical trials actively recruiting patients volunteers.


Found (61) clinical trials

Pembrolizumab + Poly-ICLC in MRP Colon Cancer

Mismatch repair genes normally serve to fix the small glitches that occur when DNA is copied as cells divide. In 1993, researchers discovered that mutations in human mismatch repair genes play a key role in the development of certain forms of colorectal cancer; individuals who are deficient in these mismatch ...


Cellular Matrix Device for the Treatment of Mild to Moderate Knee Osteoarthritis

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is an autologous product prepared from the patient's own blood, representing a powerful source of platelet-derived growth factors, particularly useful in the field of regenerative medicine. The active and sequential secretion of these growth factors induces different cell signaling cascades that activate angiogenesis, cell proliferation, cell differentiation, ...

Phase N/A

Apixaban Pharmacokinetics in Bariatric Patients (APB)

Obesity is now the leading health problem of the 21st century. Weight reduction by conservative methods including diet and exercise has had poor success rates. There has been a substantial increase in the use of bariatric surgery to provide sustained weight loss and thus a reduction in the medical comorbidities ...


Study of HuMab-5B1 (MVT-5873) in Subjects With Pancreatic Cancer or Other Cancer Antigen 19-9 (CA19-9) Positive Malignancies

Open label, multi-center, nonrandomized, dose escalation trial of MVT-5873 to evaluate safety and determine the MTD and recommended phase II dose of MVT-5873 both as monotherapy (Group A) and in combination with a standard of care chemotherapy (Group B) in subjects with pancreatic and other CA19-9 positive malignancies. Both groups ...


On-X Heart Valve - 17mm Aortic and 23mm Mitral

The purpose of the study is to assess the safety and efficacy of the 17mm On-X Aortic Prosthetic Heart Valve and the 23mm On-X Mitral Prosthetic Heart Valve when used to replace diseased aortic or mitral valves in human subjects. The On-X 17mm aortic and 23mm mitral valves will be ...

Phase N/A

A clinical trial seeking patients for a research study for the treatment of Obesity, Childhood

This would be the first study determining the effect of SCFA synthesis on hepatic de novo lipogenesis and to assess whether and how isocaloric dietary changes (namely low carbohydrates) might modify the composition of the gut microbiota and reduce the synthesis of SCFA during adolescence, a sensitive period for the ...

Phase N/A

Gastroschisis Outcomes of Delivery (GOOD) Study

Gastroschisis is the most common congenital abdominal wall abnormality in which the intestines are herniated through the defect into the amniotic fluid. This is diagnosed by prenatal ultrasound at 18-20 weeks gestation. Gastroschisis occurs in 1 out of every 4000 births and the incidence is increasing. The majority of patients ...

Phase N/A

Laser Fluorescence in Cancer Surgical Treatment

The use of fluorescence for real-time evaluation of organ and tissue vascularization and lymph node anatomy is a recent technology with potential for the surgical treatment of cancer. The real-time analysis of tissue vascularization allows immediate identification to the surgeon of areas with greater or lesser blood circulation, favoring surgical ...

Phase N/A

Novel Strategies for Innovating Deceased Donor Procurement

Despite many efforts to increase the size of the donor pool, there is a large and growing disparity between the number of donor kidneys available for transplantation and the number of patients on the transplant waiting list. Increasing the quality of currently available donor kidneys would potentially improve the longevity ...

Phase N/A

Allogeneic Stem Cell Transplant With Alpha/Beta T AND B Cell Depletion for Hematologic Malignancies

This is a single arm pilot study for patients using / T cell-depleted PSCT in with alternative donor sources with hematologic malignancies receiving alternative donor (unrelated or partially matched related) mobilized peripheral stem cells (PSCs) using the CliniMACS system for T cell depletion plus CD19+ B cell depletion to determine ...