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A, Katowice N Clinical Trials

A listing of A, Katowice N clinical trials actively recruiting patients volunteers.


Found (44) clinical trials

Transplanting Hepatitis C Positive Thoracic Organs

This is an open label pilot study transplanting thoracic organs from Hepatitis C positive donors into HCV uninfected recipients at Brigham and Women's Hospital. Heart and lung transplant participants will be stratified into two different study arms depending on whether the donor of the thoracic organ was HCV nucleic acid ...


Patients are needed to participate in a clinical research study evaluating Conventional antithrombotic strategy, Tailored antithrombotic strategy

This study evaluates the efficacy and safety of tailored antithrombotic therapy with early (<6-month post-PCI) intensified (low-dose ticagrelor [120 mg loading, then 60 mg bid maintenance] and aspirin) and late (>6-month post-PCI) deescalated (aspirin alone) strategy in patients undergoing high-risk complex PCI as compared with standard Dual Antiplatelet Therapy(aspirin and ...


QLB and Laparoscopic Nephrectomy Postoperative Pain and Recovery

There are ca 900 new cases of kidney cancer in Finland/year. The curative therapy for kidney cancer is partial or total nephrectomy depending on the localization and the size of tumor. Main of these operations are laparoscopic. Epidural analgesia is considered as most effective for the treatment of postoperative pain ...


Scrub Typhus Antibiotic Resistance Trial

Study type: Randomized Control Treatment Trial Study population: Male and female patients with 15 years of age and acute scrub typhus Duration: 2 years Study Design: Prospective, open-label, randomized-controlled treatment trial in patients 15 years old admitted to hospital with acute scrub typhus. Randomization into 3 oral treatment arms (each ...


A Pilot Study Exploring the Efficacy and Safety of Herbal Medicine on Korean Obese Women With Metabolic Syndrome Risk Factors - Double Blinded Randomized Multicenter Placebo Controlled Clinical Trial -

The Purpose of this trial is to investigate the efficacy and safety of Daesiho-tang and Taeeumjowi-tang on Korean obese Women with metabolic syndrome Risk factors


Chronotherapy With Low-dose Aspirin for Primary Prevention

Brief summary: Aspirin (ASA) has been shown to provide marked benefits in primary and secondary prevention of cardiovascular events. Substantial evidence suggests that low-dose ASA therapy should also be used as a primary prevention strategy in men and women with diabetes who are at high cardiovascular risk. On the other ...


Comparison of the PrimAry Long Versus Short Coverage With Drug-Eluting Stents for Long FemoRopopliteal Artery DiseasE (PARADE II): Investigator-initiated Clinical Study

Prospective, randomized, controlled, multi-center study A total of 220 subjects with long femoropopliteal lesions will be included according to inclusion and exclusion criteria. Patients will be randomized in a 1:1 manner into long stenting group versus short stenting group. and treated with Zilver PTX for long femoropopliteal lesions Patients will ...


Corifollitropin Alfa Combined With Menotropin Versus Follitropin and Lutropin Alfa in Expected Suboptimal Responders

Patients, found eligible for the study, will be randomized (envelope method) into two arms in 1:1 ratio at the start of stimulation (menstrual cycle day 2-3, randomization day): Arm A - ovarian stimulation with Corifollitropin alfa in combination with menotropin; Arm B - ovarian stimulation with Follitropin alfa and lutropin ...


The Impact of Hormone Therapy on Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms Sexual Function and Psychosomatic Disorder

Menopausal syndromes includes somatic symptom, psychosomatic symptoms, sexual dysfunction and even urinary symptoms. Hormone therapy (HT) is widely used for controlling menopausal symptoms. Common HT for menopausal syndrome with intact uterus includes tibolone, estradiol valerate (E2V) 1mg & medroxyprogesterone acetate (MPA) 2.5 mg, and conjugated equine estrogens & MPA. However, ...


Effects of Analgesics in Cesarean Section Elective

Two approved treatments for spinal anesthesia will be compared in women undergoing cesarean section. It is usual to perform cesarean sections using spinal anesthesia with a local anesthetic (bupivacaine) plus some opioid, such as sufentanil or morphine. Both have been shown to decrease postoperative pain, but we try to check ...