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One Or Multiple Investigational Sites, Japan Clinical Trials

A listing of One Or Multiple Investigational Sites, Japan clinical trials actively recruiting patients volunteers.


Found (31) clinical trials

Home-based Self-delivered Mirror Therapy for Phantom Limb Pain

The goals of the study are to determine whether self-delivered, home-based mirror therapy decreases the frequency and intensity of phantom limb pain and improves mood and physical function in persons with phantom limb pain. The investigators hypothesize that self-delivered home-based mirror therapy will significantly decrease phantom pain intensity, will improve ...


Sleep Disturbance in Deployed Soldiers

Hypotheses: - Hypothesis 1 - Sleep can be measured in Theater using actigraph technology. - Hypothesis 2 - Standard sleep measures in Soldiers randomized to a sleep intervention group will more closely approximate normal as compared to sleep measures of Soldiers randomized to the control group.


Short Arc Multifidus Study

The subjects will initially be scanned by diagnostic ultrasound by to assess the cross sectional area of their lumbar multifidi. Then they will perform 3 sets of 30 second periods of Logan Short Arc Banding on the ATM machine twice a week for 4 weeks and then they will be ...


PET/CT to Image Hypoxia in Head and Neck Tumours

Patients with head and neck cancer greater than 3 cm will imaged with PET scan and CT scan in order to determine areas of the tumour that are hypoxic. Following surgical removal, samples of the tumour will be evaluated for the expression of hypoxia genes. The preoperative imaging will be ...


Effect of Passive Gait Training on the Cortical Activity in Patients With Severe Brain Injury.

Design: Prospective controlled non-randomized study. Materials and methods: 45 patients with severe brain injury and 15 healthy volunteers will be included in this study. The study design is illustrated below: 1. Baseline measurement of electroencephalography (EEG) and event related potentials (ERP) 2. Gait training in the tilt table with integrated ...


The Role of Quadriceps Contraction in Patellar Repositioning - a Computed Tomography Study

Background Previous studies have a great discrepancy concerning the effects of quadriceps contraction on patellar lateral displacement and tilt in patients with patellofemoral pain syndrome. This discrepancy may be caused by lack of information regarding to classifications of patellofemoral alignment under quadriceps relaxed. We hypothesized quadriceps contraction has different effects ...


An Investigation for the Optimal Timing of a Cleft Palate Repair

The goals of palatoplasty are to provide an intact palate and to create a normally functioning velopharyngeal mechanism as early as possible without hazard to other aspects of health and development. Two major criteria by which the success of cleft palate surgery is determined are subsequent speech development and facial ...


Cardiovascular Phenotype Study in Patients With Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome

Objective of the study is to characterize the cardiovascular phenotype of patients with obstructive sleep apnea syndrome, relative to the presence of hypertension or not. Hypertension should not have been previously treated. 2 groups of apneic patients (SAS+HTA+ and SAS+HTA-) will be compared together, referred to group of non apneic ...


Safe Water Techniques in Kenya

Visit 400 households and distribute 1 of 3 different POU technologies on randomized basis for a two-month trial. Cycle each household through trials with all 3 technologies in random order such that at the end of 6 months all households have experienced 2-month trials with each technology.


Evaluating the Hunger Project in Ghana

The investigators propose a randomized controlled design that will measure how The Hunger Projects' intervention affects the lives of Ghanaians. A pre-intervention baseline survey of approximately 4,000 households with over 20,000 individuals and two follow-up surveys of the same households will be conducted over the ten year experimental period.