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Villeneuve d, France Clinical Trials

A listing of Villeneuve d, France clinical trials actively recruiting patients volunteers.


Found (13) clinical trials

Multi-Line Therapy Trial in Unresectable Metastatic Colorectal Cancer

This is a phase III study assessing 2 mutli-line therapeutic strategies in patients with unresectable wild-type RAS metastatic colorectal cancer. All the available treatments are being used in each strategy (oxaliplatine, irinotecan, fluoropyrimidines, bevacizumab, cetuximab or panitumumab) but in a different order: STRATEGY A: FOLFIRI-cetuximab, followed by oxaliplatin-based chemotherapy with ...


Impact of Emotional Skills of Young Women and Their Partner on Adjustment to Cancer

All women with breast cancer have to face, at any age, to numerous issues linked to cancer (incertitude, recurrence anxiety...) and to physical and psychosocial side effects of treatments which can degrade their life quality. However, young women (<45 years at diagnostic) have to face specific issues related to their ...

Phase N/A

Aflibercept +/- LV5FU2 in First Line of Non-resectalbe Metastatic Colorectal Cancers

The aflibercept-5-FU combination has never been evaluated as yet. Aflibercept, at a dose of 4 mg/kg, has already been used in combination with 5-FU at the doses used in the simplified LV5FU2 regimen (folinic acid 400 mg/m2 IV in 90 min, then 5-FU 400 mg/m2 IV bolus on D1, followed ...


Pain Assessment in Children With Cerebral Palsy Through Parasympathetic Tone Analysis.

Cerebral Palsy (CP) is the most common cause of motor handicap in childhood. CP is caused by damage to the developing brain, resulting in limits in movement, posture, or communication ability. CP affects about one newborn on 450. Pain management is one of the major expectations of CP patients (La ...

Phase N/A

Predictive Progressive Factors of Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis

Adolescent idiopathic scoliosis (AIS) is a tridimensional spine deformation affecting 2% of subjects between 10 and 16 years-old being predominant among girls. It is a severe, progressive and multifactorial disease, and a genetic origin is currently admitted. AIS is progressive (in 3 out of 10 cases) when the scoliosis radiographic ...

Phase N/A

Study to Compare the Efficacy of Pristinamycin (Pyostacine ) Versus Amoxicillin in the Treatment of Acute Community Acquired Pneumonia

The total study duration for each patient is 1 month with a treatment period of 7 to 9 days and a follow-up period of 21 to 23 days.


A Safety Study of Lenalidomide in Previously Untreated Adult Multiple Myeloma Patients Who Are Not Eligible for Transplant

This post authorization safety study is designed as prospective non interventional study for patients with newly diagnosed multiple myeloma who are not eligible for transplant. The objective is to compare the incidence of cardiovascular events between patients treated with a first-line lenalidomide containing regimen and those treated with a first-line ...

Phase N/A

Pressure Therapy in the Treatment of Upper Arm of Cerebral Palsy Children

The purpose of this study is to assess the efficacy of a 6 months upper arm proprioceptive pressure therapy on Assisting Hand Assessment ("AHA") performance in Cerebral Palsy (CP). To perform this study, 80 CP patients aged of 5 to 10 years old will be included in a multicentric, double ...

Phase N/A

Familial Dysglobulinemia

Multiple Myeloma (MM) is a malignant proliferation of monoclonal plasma cells. Myeloma accounts for almost 14% of all hematologic cancers and is essentially incurable. Myeloma commonly evolves from a precursor disease, Monoclonal gammopathy of undetermined significance (MGUS). Despite intensive study, the etiology of MGUS and myeloma are unknown and no ...

Phase N/A

Tolerance of a Motorized Orthosis Reproducing Walking Movement vs Conventional Standing-up Devices in Child With CP

Cerebral palsy (CP) includes all the sensorimotor development disorders leading to balance, gait and movement disruptions. These disorders are related to lesions of the central nervous system (CNS) that occurs at birth or during the early childhood. The therapeutic management of CP is essentially based on reeducation, but may also ...

Phase N/A