Limoges Cedex 1, France Clinical Trials

A listing of Limoges Cedex 1, France clinical trials actively recruiting patients volunteers.

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Incidence and Risk Factors for Infections in Patient Treated With Corticosteroids Immunosuppressive Drugs or Biotherapy for Immunologic and Inflammatory Diseases

Infections represent the first cause of death and of morbidity in people treated for immunologic and inflammatory diseases with corticosteroids, immunosuppressive drugs or biotherapy. Epidemiological, clinical, biological and therapeutic determinants of these infections are poorly understood. There is no recommendation for the prevention and treatment of infections in this particular …

service de m decine interne - CH de Libourne
 (96.5 away) Contact site
  • 29 Mar, 2020
  • +6 other locations
Dimethyl Fumarate (DMF Tecfidera ) Persistence in RR-MS Patients Included in the French Patient Support Program OroSEP

The primary objective is to compare oral dimethyl fumarate (DMF) persistence at six months in relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis (RR-MS) participants initiating DMF with and without OroSEP patient support program (PSP), respectively. The secondary objectives are: to compare oral DMF persistence at one month and three months in RR-MS participants initiating …

relapsing multiple sclerosis
Research site
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  • 13 Jan, 2020
  • +27 other locations
A National Prospective Cohort of Patients With Idiopathic Nephrotic Syndrome Beginning in Childhood.

Pediatric idiopathic nephrotic syndrome (INS) is a rare disease for which the optimal therapeutic strategy has not yet been defined. A network of clinicians treating complicated forms of this disease (grouped within the Socit de Nphrologie Pdiatrique, SNP) exists, but to date there is no prospective cohort following up these …

  • 16 Apr, 2020
  • 1 location
Nationwide Observation Study to Evaluate the Efficacy and Tolerance of the Adjustable Medical Device REMEEX in the Treatment of Male Stress Urinary Incontinence

We wish to set up a multicentric prospective observational study across France to collate data on the efficacy and tolerance of the Male REMEEX device in patients with moderate stress urinary incontinence following radical prostatectomy. Patient satisfaction, improvement in quality of life, side effects and complications will also be studied, …

CHU de Dijon
 (206.1 away) Contact site
  • 09 Aug, 2020
  • +7 other locations
A Study Describing the Care Cascade and Effectiveness and Safety of Glecaprevir/Pibrentasvir in Adult Participants With Hepatitis C Virus in French Addiction Centers

Hepatitis C Virus is liver disease and is a leading cause of death and morbidity with around 71 million people affected worldwide. Widespread availability of highly effective direct-acting antivirals (DAAs) have dramatically changed the treatment landscape of HCV with a cure rate of over 95%. In May 2019, French Health …

liver disease
antiviral drugs
ribonucleic acid
Centre Bobillot - Limoges /ID# 221922
 (1.2 away) Contact site
  • 19 Aug, 2020
  • +44 other locations
Evaluation of New Biomarkers of Thrombosis in Myeloproliferative Neoplasms

Thrombosis is the main cause of morbidity and mortality in patients with myeloproliferative neoplasms (MPN). However, the pathogenesis of thrombosis in MPN is still largely elusive. Neutrophils can release their decondensed chromatin as a network of extracellular fibers named NET for "neutrophils extracellular trap". NETs are known to be procoagulant. …

essential thrombocythemia
polycythemia vera
absolute neutrophil count
CHU Poitiers
 (67.6 away) Contact site
  • 24 Jun, 2020
  • +17 other locations
Efficacy of Colonoscopy Colon Capsule and Fecal Immunological Test for Colorectal Cancer Screening

Efficacy of colonoscopy, colon capsule and fecal immunological test for colorectal cancer screening, in first degree relatives of patients with colorectal neoplasia: a prospective randomized study.

cancer screening
colorectal cancer screening
CHU de Limoges - H pital Dupuytren
 (1.2 away) Contact site
  • 08 Nov, 2020
  • +12 other locations
Product Surveillance Registry

The purpose of the Registry is to provide continuing evaluation and periodic reporting of safety and effectiveness of Medtronic market-released products. The Registry data is intended to benefit and support interests of patients, hospitals, clinicians, regulatory bodies, payers, and industry by streamlining the clinical surveillance process and facilitating leading edge …

 (87.7 away) Contact site
  • 30 Sep, 2020
  • +350 other locations
Study of Predictive Factors of Progression of Motor Neurone Disease

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) is a complex polymorph and devastating neurodegenerative disease. Although the pathophysiological mechanisms underlying the development of ALS remain to be fully elucidated, there have been significant advances in the understanding of ALS pathogenesis, with evidence emerging of a complex interaction between genetic factors and dysfunction of …

neurological disorder
motor neuron disease
neurological disorders
non-invasive ventilation
CHU Gabriel Montpied
 (87.7 away) Contact site
  • 13 Jul, 2020
  • +20 other locations
ADVATE/ ADYNOVI Hemophilia A Outcome Database (AHEAD)

The purpose of the study is to document the natural history of hemophilia A disease and long-term outcomes in terms of effectiveness, safety and quality of life in participants receiving Antihemophilic Factor (Recombinant) - Plasma/Albumin Free Method (rAHF-PFM) or Antihemophilic Factor (Recombinant) - Pegylated (rAHF-PEG) in routine clinical practice

antihemophilic factor
CHRU Pellegrin
 (112.4 away) Contact site
  • 09 Sep, 2020
  • +174 other locations