La-Roche-Sur-Yon, France Clinical Trials

A listing of La-Roche-Sur-Yon, France clinical trials actively recruiting patients volunteers.

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Impact of a PCT(Procalcitonin) Rapid Test -Based Approach on ATB (Antibiotics) Use in Children With Fever Without Source

Because a newly available point-of-care test may have real interest especially for children in the Emergency Department (ED) setting, by limiting painful and stressful venipunctures and decreasing the length of stay in the ED, the investigators hypothesize that integrating this new capillary Procalcitonin (PCT) rapid test in the DIAFEVER CPR …

University Hospital
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  • 25 Jan, 2021
  • +27 other locations
Contribution of Narrow Band Imaging (NBI) for the Characterization of Scalloped Polyps (NBI POLYPES COLIQUES)

This prospective bicentric trial aims to evaluate the diagnostic performance of the characterization of scalloped polyps less than 20 millimeter in NBI (Narrow Band Imaging) in patients with screening colonoscopy. The NBI is a so-called "virtual" electronic staining technique available on conventional OLYMPUS endoscopes without additional intervention. The colonoscopy procedure …

adenomatous polyp
narrow band imaging
screening colonoscopy
Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Nantes
 (38.5 away) Contact site
  • 01 Aug, 2021
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Study to Evaluate the Efficacy of a Polyamine-deficient Diet for Treating Postoperative Pain After Abdominal Surgery

The aim of this study is to evaluate if a polyamine deficient diet started 7 days prior to a major abdominal surgery (eventration cure and digestive continuity) and followed 7 days post-surgery reduces the area under the curve of the numerical pain rating scale in the 72 hours post-surgery.

CHD Vend e
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  • 04 Feb, 2021
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Early Assessment of Response to Treatment of Metastatic LUng Tumors Based on CIrculating Tumor DNA

In patients with locally advanced or metastatic tumors, first-line therapeutic management is based on the use of targeted therapies (EGFR, BRAF ALK and ROS1 inhibitors), immunotherapies (anti-PD1/ anti-PDL1-antibodies or chemotherapy. Despite patient selection based on histo-pathological and molecular criteria, not all patients respond to treatment. There are currently no markers …

 (38.5 away) Contact site
  • 27 Jan, 2021
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Is it Possible to Predict Falls With Motor Imagery

At Departmental Hospital Centre, a primary and secondary screening program for osteoporosis was set up in 2014 in the medical services (excluding oncology), gynaecology, outpatient surgery and orthopaedics. Patients who consulted outpatients in the emergency room were not taken into account due to the 24-hour opening hours. The objective of …

  • 26 Jan, 2021
  • 1 location
Care of AcromioClavicular Arthropathy in Manual Medicine Versus Corticosteroid Infiltration (ACAM)

Acromioclavicular pains are one of the etiologies of shoulder pains, the prevalence of which is relatively high, ranging from 5 to 47% in the general population. The cause is usually degenerative, occurring mainly after the age of 40, especially in male manual workers. This pathology is described as the great …

  • 27 Jan, 2021
  • 1 location
Impact of Preoperative 3D Printed Stoma Placement on the Quality of Life of Ostomy Patients

The making of an ostomy in patients is experienced as traumatic. The stoma changes body image, self-esteem and is responsible for increased anxiety. These changes affect the quality of life of patients. To reduce the negative impact of the stoma, patients are seen in preoperative consultation by the stoma nurses. …

  • 26 Jan, 2021
  • 1 location
Chronic Pain and Functional Prognosis After Total Knee Replacement: Continuous Locoregional Analgesia by Catheter to the Femoral Triangle Versus Tissue Infiltration as Part of an Improved Rehabilitation After Surgery Approach

The prevalence of Chronic Post-Surgical Pain (CPSP) after knee replacement, defined as pain greater than or equal to 4/10 on the visual analogue scale after the third postoperative month, is recognised as high, with an average of 20% (extremes of 7 to 45%). These CPSP, when present, cause poor long-term …

total knee replacement
chronic pain
H pital Priv S vign
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  • 25 Jan, 2021
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Midline Catheter and Its Impact on Central Lines Removal in ICU

The study will evaluate 2 strategies to remove central venous catheter (CVC): in one part, the insertion of a midline catheter and in the other part, the conventional insertion of peripheral venous catheter (PVC)

Centre Hospitalier Departemental Vend e
 (0.7 away) Contact site
  • 29 Mar, 2021
  • 1 location
Pragmatic Study Comparing the Clinical Evlauation Methods ( C) and / or Ultrasound Method ( B or D) in Rheumatoid Arthritis to Adapt Treatment

This study compares different methods of clinical evaluation (C) and/or ultrasound (B or D) concerning the rheumatoid arthritis in order to monitore the treatment. This study will provide the exact number of patients in remission according the 3 methods. It could allow to assess the concordance between the 3 evaluated …

CHU Nantes
 (38.2 away) Contact site
  • 23 Jan, 2021
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